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Edward Norton vs. Ed Norton


I’m watching The Italian Job where Mark Wahlberg plays the protagonist and Edward Norton plays the antagonist.  There are lots of actors to like in this movie.  Mos Def is most definitely cute with his dimples.  Jason Statham and Seth Green are also awesome.  And of course, it features the inimitable Donald Sutherland.

 Mr. Norton is excellent in evil roles (remember Primal Fear?)- He’s also good as a hero-type. I watched him in The Incredible Hulk last week- not because I’m a fan of comic book characters but because I like the actor. 

Anyway, as I watch this movie tonight, the other Ed Norton came to mind. Remember? The one from The Honeymooners? The  tv show from the 1950s?  I never saw  it on regular tv as it was on air before I was born but I have seen some re-runs on cable and some episodes on DVD.  It was funny- for 50s humor, that is. 

So, which Ed is your favorite? I know my choice. Bet you do, too.

Post Number 100


Don’t really have anything to say but I noticed this was post #100 and I wanted to memorialize the occasion by saying hi and reminding you all of the inspiration for most of the heroes in my fiction work.

Another just because picture


Alan- Just because


Alan as I picture him as Liam in "Redemption for the Devil"


Alan as I picture him as Angus in novella "Gray's Inn"


Alan as Alec in novella "Weekend at Upper Eaves"

Surprise is on me


I am going to a surprise party today for a friend that is turning 70.  I accepted the invite way back in April. That would be in the spring.  Here in Fla, spring lasts about 12 minutes.  I didn’t read the whole invite, just knew I needed to go and the calendar was clear, so I said “Sure.”

Imagine my shock and dismay as I read over the invite today to see “Come at noon, to be here for her arrival at 12:30- Bring lawn chair” –

 OH. MY. GOSH.  OUTSIDE? REALLY????  It is 100 degrees at noon with a heat index of 110-  what the HELL was my friend, Evangeline, thinking? Her aunt and all the guests are going to die in the heat.  Has she got the coroner on speed dial?  Just askin’

EDITED TO ADD: Stayed home w/ a bottle of Imodium.   Will send her  a nice card.

LL Dreamspell Publishers


I recently sold a story to LL Dreamspell for their Mystery Anthology. It is called Pimps and Hos. I  have been added to their website as one of their authors.  I hope to add more stories to my page soon.  I am working on an idea for one right now.  See my other blog:

check it out if you want. ttp://

Million Dollar Quartet


My great grandmother was a Phillips by birth. Her brother had a son named Sam Phillips.  Sam grew up to found Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee.  He discovered Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.  I am proud to call him a distant cousin.  There was a day in December, 1956, that all four of  his best selling artists were in the studio and had an impromptu session.  Here is a iconic picture of that day.

This day has now been memorialized in a Broadway show that I had the privilege to see a week ago today.  It was great.  Lots of wonderful music and the actors played and sang it all themselves.  The Elvis character had the mannerisms down cold.  He was good.  Johnny Cash was spot on as well.  The guy that played Carl Perkins was the best guitarist of the group.  BUT I have to say, the guy that played Jerry Lee Lewis stole the whole show. He was fantastic.  His piano playing was amazing even upside down!  He won a Tony Award for best new comer and it was very deserved.  His name is Levi Kries.  I see great things in his future. 

The only female in the cast had a fabulous singing voice.  As for the guy that played my cousin, Sam, he was good, too and better looking than the real Sam. 

I have never been disappointed with any show I have seen on Broadway (except one that I won’t name) and this was another treat.  Highly recommended.  AND get the soundtrack,  you’ll love it.

Check it out:

The Addams Family


As promised, here is my review of The Addams Family on Broadway.  We had front row center seats for the Sunday, June 13, performance. I have never been on the front row before. The closest I’ve been in the past was 7th row when I saw Talk Radio.  I saw Equus from the box and that was a good high view of the stage. This front row thing was a real treat. When Nathan Lane walked onstage, I was so excited I could barely stand it.  He is just such a virtuoso in the comedic arts, he is irresistible. The magnetism he has comes across the stage lights and grabs hold and doesn’t turn loose even when the show ends. He was on form and I thoroughly enjoyed his performance.

Bebe Neuwirth also has a great  presence. She was wonderful in her role as Morticia. Her voice and dance abilities are awesome.  I especially enjoyed her dance scene with the ancestors.

The woman who played the mother of Wednesday’s boyfriend, Carolee Carmello, was hilarious. I saw her when she played Donna in Mamma Mia, so I knew she could sing but she played a comedic role here and she was spot on. When she drank the potion Pugsley poured and  her “dark side” came out, she  was so funny, I laughed til I cried.

Terrance Mann is one of my favorite actors and he was perfect as the father of the boyfriend of Wednesday.

Wednesday was a cute girl and sang quite well.  Uncle Fester stole almost every scene he was in (except for the ones with Nathan, of course, as who could take their eyes off Nathan? )  Kevin Chamberlin played Fester and he was nominated for a Tony. He didn’t win but he was really good in the role.

Lurch, Pugsley and Grandma were true to the television series.  All in all, I was very pleased with the show.  Near the end, Nathan Lane tossed a rose into the audience and #2 son caught it.  He gave it to me.  It was a cool end to the show and I’m glad we got to go. 

Two thumbs up for this one.

On leaving New York


At LaGuardia Airport ready to head home from my 8 days in NYC.  I’ll be posting reviews of the 2 shows I saw soon but here is a picture to tide you over til then.

This was my main mode of transportation for the last week. I miss my Volvo.

Remember tomorrow to read my blog entry here:

Long legs vs. Short legs


The spouse and two kids are all long legged, tall people.  I am not.  I am short with stubby legs.  When they all walk down the street, I’m practically running to keep up- at the least, I’m race-walking.  They stop at the corner to wait for me. I catch up, panting for breath and before I can rest a second, off they go again. I am constantly playing catch up. I know they are annoyed but so am I. 

Join me this Sunday here as my alter ego blogs about Pensacola:  This is a great blog to follow. Lots of cool info.  They have a Sunday travel feature that’s awesome. Check out the archives section.



In Medieval times, a red door on a church signified sanctuary- a place where an accused criminal could be safe from arrest. The accused could ask for protection while in the church.  If I remember right, the protection was for up to 14 days.  Don’t quote me because I’m reaching way back to dig this info from the old memory bank (and it could be 40).  The right to sanctuary was abolished by James I in the early 1620s.  There is still a tradition of red doors on many churches. 

Red doors have always fascinated me. I find them very appealing.  I have quite a collection of pictures of red doors.  Seems like I collect them.  This one is in the Chelsea area of NYC. I love the detail at the top.