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Edgar Rice Burroughs


Needs to stay in his grave and quit trying to comment on my blog. Better yet, he needs to stay in the jungle with his ape.  I have read the Brothers Karamazov– when I was 16 and still in high school.  I also read The Idiot at the same age.  I can read in Latin, Spanish and some Italian.  Just because I didn’t like a book you seem to adore enough to have written yourself, doesn’t make me stupid.  Give it a rest, already. Or contact me with your real name as we both know you aren’t a man that died in 1950. AND I have read Tarzan as well, by the way. I have an opinion, you have an opinion and this is my blog. I will write what I please. I won’t be bullied by a dead man (or live one either, for that matter.)

My definition of thriller is obviously different that yours, Dead Sir. Thriller means, to me, that the book is so good and so fast paced that it can’t be put down.  Sorry to say the book you and I disagree about was  very much one I could (and did) put down.  I suggest you and I agree to disagree and let it go.

If you DID write the book of whence I speak, you need to learn to take criticism. How did you ever become a writer with such thin skin?  Not everyone is going to love your work. Sorry, but that is reality.  Your comments to me are not going to change my mind and make  me suddenly love the book. I just didn’t. I apologize if that helps but please don’t call me stupid for not liking the book.  I really am quite intelligent.

Caffe Napoli


Favorite place to eat in NYC.  Great Chicken scallopini  and cannolis to die for.  Can you tell I’m gearing up for a trip to NYC?  Can’t say when I’m going, but I’m going.  And I’m gonna eat here. FER SURE!  It is in Little Italy. Highly recommended.

I even used it in one of my books.

Can’t Wait- Nathan Lane


I have front row center tickets to see this:

On Broadway. Won’t tell when since I don’t want to divulge that secret info- just know I am excited and can’t wait.  Can’t believe my luck and I’m praying neither will get sick and need an understudy!

Exciting news this morning


SOLD–  Pimps and Hos, my short story, has been sold to Dreamspell Mysteries. Contract will be on the way soon.  I’m happy to find a home for this story.    It was a fun one to write and I was very happy with it so I’m glad someone else liked it!  A good start to the day!

Keurig Love


We have a large Keurig at the office and I have a smaller one at home. This thing is the best invention ever!  I love, love, love how I can brew what I like and then the person behind me can brew what they  like and it only takes a minute to have the perfect drink.  We have one guy that likes his coffee so strong that it could lift his car.  I like mine so weak it doesn’t even look brown. And we can both be happy in the space of three minutes.

 I adore the teas, hot as well as iced.  I have run the same K-cup through the mahine 5 times to get a partial pitcher of iced tea. Fill the rest of the pitcher with cold water and you’re set.  I like the raspberry.  The best hot drink I’ve found is the Chai tea. I am not a fan of sweet drinks and both the raspberry and the chai are not too sweet. They need no additives. Of course, you sugar junkies can add all you want. I’ll pass.

One of the other women at the office brought in iced coffee K-cups last week, I haven’t tried one yet but everyone is raving about how wonderful it is.  Memo to self: drink some before it goes the way of the dodo bird. Like tomorrow. 

Anyway, I recommend this baby for anyone who likes liquid.  Two thumbs way up!



I just finished the book named Dimiter by William Peter Blatty. This is the same man that wrote the Exorcist, among other books.   I like lots of different genres and thought this one sounded like a good read. Alas. It was below my expectations.

This book was a little slow to catch my attention. There were a lot of characters with a lot of strange names. It was difficult at first to keep them straight and it didn’t get much better. I had to keep going backward (not easy to do on an e-reader, by the way) to be sure I had the right character in mind.

It was a depressing tale as well. There was a bit of redemption but not enough to make me happy.  The reviewers called it a thriller- sorry, I didn’t see that at all. Nope.  Kind of dull and scholarly in my opinion.  No thrill there.

As to the New York Post reviewer, Jennifer Shaw, it would be my opinion that she either didn’t read the book or the hard cover is a totally different story than the e-book.  She named some of the characters but she obviously had no clue as to their relationship.  Sounded like she read the book jacket and moved on.  Should’ve been what I did.

In all, I give this one a thumbs down.

Five Sisters Blues Cafe



The Five Sisters Blues Cafe is a new restaurant in Pensacola located at Belmont and Devilliers.  It is a cute place reminiscent of  New Orleans restaurants. It has brick walls and columns and echoes like crazy in there.  They also have an outdoor dining area with ceiling fans.  I went today with my friend, John, and the place was hopping.   Saw loads of other people I know. 

Good country food- excellent fried chicken.  Had to pass on the banana pudding as I had no room but I bet it was awesome. 

They have po boys made with Gambinos bread as well as the good old fashioned country cooking. The name is a tribute from the owner to his mother and her four sisters.  I highly recommend the place. I know I’ll be back; over and over since it is a short walk from my office.  Go early as the parking is limited.  By the way, you can also enjoy a cocktail while you are there, if you are so inclined.

Check out the menu:

Private Tour


When I got to court today, the marshal service was excited to report that the new security system had been installed and that I now had more protection with a camera right beside me focused on me and my table where I conduct proceedings. That was nice to know. There has always been security at the main entrance and there was only one monitor for the whole courtroom in the old bldg.

We have moved to a new bldg and now there is a full control room. Imagine my delight when I came back from my lunch break and was invited by the senior marshal on duty for a private tour of the control room. It is amazing. There are TONS of cameras all over the bldg and parking areas. They have about 25 monitors- AND they are COLOR! I’ve never seen a color one. We are moving up town.

I told the guys that I didn’t ever want to be in the holding cell and be on that particular monitor. LOL! Jail cells are not somewhere I’d ever want to be.

 The US Marshals assigned to that bldg are all truly remarkable and love their jobs. They are so good to me and I am happy that I got a tour. I would’ve never asked for such but I loved it.  Made me feel special on a blah day.

The blahs


I had a case of the blahs this past weekend. I just couldn’t get motivated to do anything much. I actually read 2 books which is rare for me anymore.  I did spend Saturday with my friends, Marie, Victoria and Maureen and we had a blast. Came home to the blahs on Sunday and Monday though.  Perhaps I was just tired from the writing of 15,000 words the weekend and Mon and Tues of last week.   Maybe I needed to recharge my batteries. 

Where the heck is that bunny when you need it?

And- where does it get that all that energy? Speed?