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Word Wednesday- Halloween Video- Tim Curry


I can’t embed this here but check out this video of Tim Curry for Halloween. Click here to watch him in The Worst Witch.

Just for fun, let’s use WORST as the word of the day even though I’m quite sure you already know what it means. Worst is the superlative of Bad or Ill.

1. most corrupt or evil

2. most unsuitable or unattractive

3. most lacking in quality.

Notice how the word most is used in all those definitions?

Word Wednesday- October 23, 2013- OYEZ


The word of the week is OYEZ. I love this one. It comes from three sources- it’s the Latin imperative plural of Oir which is from the Latin word for hear- audire. It also was used in Middle English as well as Old French for Hear which was spelled oiez or oyez.

It is the word used by a court bailiff to command silence and attention and is called out before court goes into session. I love that it’s an imperative word. Commanding, even.

Word Wednesday- October 16, 2013- Hypocoristic


Sorry I’ve been MIA but I’ve been busy getting my oldest son married.

Today’s word of the day is HYPOCORISTIC. I hadn’t heard this one before and I like it. It rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

It means “a name of endearment or a pet name” or “a shortened or diminutive of a word or given name”- An example or two would be Mike for Michael, Tony for Anthony, or Betsy for Elizabeth.

The word comes from Greek.

Word Wednesday- October 2, 2013- Weird


Today’s word is WEIRD. Interestingly, it has two definitions and the one I was thinking of when I decided to use it is the one most commonly used which defines it as “of strange or extraordinary character.” I have had such a day today. I can’t even explain it but today has been strange and extraordinary in so many ways. At one point, I was almost compelled to bang my head on the desktop.

The other definition of weird is ‘of, relating to or caused by witchcraft or the supernatural: Magical”- How have I lived my life thus far and not known that? Did I miss class the day they talked about this? I think it’s interesting that I’ve heard this for the first time in this the month of witchcraft and spells. I love the symmetry of finding this out in the merry month of October.

I did always think it odd- weird even- that the grammar rule of “i before e except after c” was broken in the word weird, didn’t you?