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“Seminar” On Broadway- A Review


I’ve been back from my trip to New York to see Seminar for a while now and wanted to post this review but life has been getting in the way. On top of work at the day job and trying to finish the first draft of my latest novel, I’ve been sick off and on, but here we go with the long-awaited review.

First and foremost, Alan Rickman was spectacular. I have long admired his work and was a bit fearful that seeing him at long last in person would be a disappointment. I’m happy to say he is all I imagined and more in the flesh. He’s so relaxed and confident on stage. He doesn’t seem to  be acting; rather, he seems to be having a real conversation with the other characters. So natural and unaffected. I’ve been to many plays over the years and believe me, I’ve seen some actors who are not as at ease on stage as Mr. Rickman was in this role.  The only other actor I’ve seen that has this same quality to the same extent onstage is Richard Griffiths.

The rest of the members of the ensemble cast were well-chosen by the casting director. Jerry O’Connell seemed a little rushed in his first lines, but he soon settled in and did a wonderful job. Hamish Linklater was spot on in  his role – he was one of my favorite people in the play with his understated angst. In fact, no one in the play over-emoted which can sometimes be a distraction.

As to the women in the cast, Lily Rabe was wonderful as the hostess of the writing class. When she grabbed all the snacks after the first session, that hit home. As a writer myself, I’ve indulged in those binges of rejection-eating.  Ms. Rabe carried herself well.

Hettienne Parker was very natural in her role. There were several times she interjected comments into the group that seemed like they were off the cuff and real. Knowing they were lines she’d spoken many times, I was impressed at how fresh and new they sounded.  Bravo for her.

Theresa Rebeck has razor-sharp wit and I enjoyed her writing very much. My seventeen year old son also thought the play was wonderful and he enjoyed the wit as much as I did. The references to Tin House and The New Yorker were appreciated by this writer.

I love the tag line on the sign outside the theatre: Young writers are like good books, you can’t enjoy them until you’ve broken their spines.  I believe there are a lot of agents and editors who believe that and there may even  be some truth to it!

In short. if you can get to New York while this play is showing, do it. It’s worth the trip.  If you’re an Alan Rickman fan, this is a must see.


Super Excited


I’m super excited to be flying to New York on Friday to see Alan Rickman in a play called Seminar on Saturday. He’s absolutely my favorite living actor and I’ve got 4th row tickets. I’m terrified that I’ll hyperventilate and pass out when he steps out onto the boards. Of course, if I die of a heart attack, I’ll go happy, right?

I’ll be sure to blog about the experience if I survive.  They may haul me out in one of these like he has on:

Million Dollar Quartet


My great grandmother was a Phillips by birth. Her brother had a son named Sam Phillips.  Sam grew up to found Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee.  He discovered Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.  I am proud to call him a distant cousin.  There was a day in December, 1956, that all four of  his best selling artists were in the studio and had an impromptu session.  Here is a iconic picture of that day.

This day has now been memorialized in a Broadway show that I had the privilege to see a week ago today.  It was great.  Lots of wonderful music and the actors played and sang it all themselves.  The Elvis character had the mannerisms down cold.  He was good.  Johnny Cash was spot on as well.  The guy that played Carl Perkins was the best guitarist of the group.  BUT I have to say, the guy that played Jerry Lee Lewis stole the whole show. He was fantastic.  His piano playing was amazing even upside down!  He won a Tony Award for best new comer and it was very deserved.  His name is Levi Kries.  I see great things in his future. 

The only female in the cast had a fabulous singing voice.  As for the guy that played my cousin, Sam, he was good, too and better looking than the real Sam. 

I have never been disappointed with any show I have seen on Broadway (except one that I won’t name) and this was another treat.  Highly recommended.  AND get the soundtrack,  you’ll love it.

Check it out: http://www.milliondollarquartetlive.com/index.html

The Addams Family


As promised, here is my review of The Addams Family on Broadway.  We had front row center seats for the Sunday, June 13, performance. I have never been on the front row before. The closest I’ve been in the past was 7th row when I saw Talk Radio.  I saw Equus from the box and that was a good high view of the stage. This front row thing was a real treat. When Nathan Lane walked onstage, I was so excited I could barely stand it.  He is just such a virtuoso in the comedic arts, he is irresistible. The magnetism he has comes across the stage lights and grabs hold and doesn’t turn loose even when the show ends. He was on form and I thoroughly enjoyed his performance.

Bebe Neuwirth also has a great  presence. She was wonderful in her role as Morticia. Her voice and dance abilities are awesome.  I especially enjoyed her dance scene with the ancestors.

The woman who played the mother of Wednesday’s boyfriend, Carolee Carmello, was hilarious. I saw her when she played Donna in Mamma Mia, so I knew she could sing but she played a comedic role here and she was spot on. When she drank the potion Pugsley poured and  her “dark side” came out, she  was so funny, I laughed til I cried.

Terrance Mann is one of my favorite actors and he was perfect as the father of the boyfriend of Wednesday.

Wednesday was a cute girl and sang quite well.  Uncle Fester stole almost every scene he was in (except for the ones with Nathan, of course, as who could take their eyes off Nathan? )  Kevin Chamberlin played Fester and he was nominated for a Tony. He didn’t win but he was really good in the role.

Lurch, Pugsley and Grandma were true to the television series.  All in all, I was very pleased with the show.  Near the end, Nathan Lane tossed a rose into the audience and #2 son caught it.  He gave it to me.  It was a cool end to the show and I’m glad we got to go. 

Two thumbs up for this one.

On leaving New York


At LaGuardia Airport ready to head home from my 8 days in NYC.  I’ll be posting reviews of the 2 shows I saw soon but here is a picture to tide you over til then.

This was my main mode of transportation for the last week. I miss my Volvo.

Remember tomorrow to read my blog entry here:


Can’t Wait- Nathan Lane


I have front row center tickets to see this:

On Broadway. Won’t tell when since I don’t want to divulge that secret info- just know I am excited and can’t wait.  Can’t believe my luck and I’m praying neither will get sick and need an understudy!