Million Dollar Quartet


My great grandmother was a Phillips by birth. Her brother had a son named Sam Phillips.  Sam grew up to found Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee.  He discovered Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.  I am proud to call him a distant cousin.  There was a day in December, 1956, that all four of  his best selling artists were in the studio and had an impromptu session.  Here is a iconic picture of that day.

This day has now been memorialized in a Broadway show that I had the privilege to see a week ago today.  It was great.  Lots of wonderful music and the actors played and sang it all themselves.  The Elvis character had the mannerisms down cold.  He was good.  Johnny Cash was spot on as well.  The guy that played Carl Perkins was the best guitarist of the group.  BUT I have to say, the guy that played Jerry Lee Lewis stole the whole show. He was fantastic.  His piano playing was amazing even upside down!  He won a Tony Award for best new comer and it was very deserved.  His name is Levi Kries.  I see great things in his future. 

The only female in the cast had a fabulous singing voice.  As for the guy that played my cousin, Sam, he was good, too and better looking than the real Sam. 

I have never been disappointed with any show I have seen on Broadway (except one that I won’t name) and this was another treat.  Highly recommended.  AND get the soundtrack,  you’ll love it.

Check it out:

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  2. Wow! This show sounds really, really good as does The Addams Family. I haven’t been to NYC in ages. I’m so glad you went and had such a good time. Maybe some day I’ll return and these shows will still be around. lol And I had NO idea that Sam was your cousin! How cool is that!!???

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