Monthly Archives: April 2010

Time with friends


Took the day off today and am hanging with my friends Maureen (Mo), Jennifer, and Victoria. We are having a blast. Had lunch at Fournaris Brothers, Greek restaurant.  They are making me laugh my head off.  I needed this time with them. They are the best and none of them suck the life out of me. They lift me up- those are the best types of friends to have- Sometimes it gets old being the one to always have to be the up-lifter. This is a nice change of pace! 

AND I have gotten a great idea as I’ve sat here and am excited to get started on a new project. Such fun.  The picture represents part of my idea.

The Thirteenth Tale


A friend recommended this book by Diane Setterfield over a year ago and I bought it – it has sat in my “to be read” pile all this time. I finally pulled it out to read this week and Oh. My. Gosh.  It was fab!  I loved it. Very intricate plot and just a wonderful read. I highly recommend it. DON’T buy it and WAIT a year to read it. Get thee to the bookstore and read it NOW.

One side note, it made me think about what drivel I write as opposed to her.  My stuff has nothing compared  to hers. At all- and you know what? That’s ok, too. Each of us have different talents and I am satisfied that mine are not on a par with this woman.  She is amazing.  Can’t wait to see what she has up next. Put her on your radar, you won’t regret it.

Lazy Saturday


Can’t get motivated this lazy Saturday to do much of anything.  My leg still hurts from whatever I did to it and I  have to keep moving or I hurt so much, I can’t stand it. So, I have putzed around all day. 

Am enjoying the rain because the spouse can’t be outside running all kinds of machinery.  He has gone to Home Depot and Garden Center to get stuff for the yard so I know as soon as the water quits falling from the sky, the vrmmm, vrmmm, vrmmm will start again. So, I’m soaking up (pun intended)the quiet before the after the storm!  Could you follow that?

Not much going on in the new WIP


Have had a very busy week at work and have been beat every night. Been in some pain with my right leg for some reason, too. Trying to figure that out. Need to keep moving and stretching it out. Have nothing for pain besides Advil.  So, all in all, not feeling much  like writing.  I HOPE to get some real progress this weekend. I AM on Chapter Two but only about 480 words into it. Let’s hope the old leg gets better so I can sit comfortably.

Hero v. Antihero


Wrote some more on my new story last night, Surfer Bride.  I use the ywriter  software-  Not to actually write in but to set up my characters, locations, etc.   After I type the day’s work in my regular word processing program, I cut and paste into the chapters and scenes in the ywriter.  This   program keeps your daily word count, your goal word count. how many more words a day you have to type to get to the goal AND it tells you how many times you’ve used a word.  I highly recommend it.  AND the best part is that is is FREE!  Check it out      Remember, though, write in your word processing program and then cut and paste- then you have 2 copies in case one goes wonky on you. 

Here are pictures of  the inspiration my hero and anti hero for this story-  Which will be the groom?  A choice of Marks- hmmmmm?

The noise maker


Little did I know when I got married oh so many years ago, that the man I married was going to be so LOUD.  He has some kind of obsession with things that make noise-  AND he likes to run them when I’m trying to take a nap or sleep in.  Today was not only the lawn mower but the weed eater.  I laid down at 3:00 and at 3:20, rhummm rhummm rhummm- outside my bedroom window. Needless to say, no nap for moi.  AND he says he still has to run the leaf blower.  I agree with #2 son- leaf blowers are a waste- all they do is move stuff from one place to another-  AND the ALL IMPORTANT thing for the spouse- THEY MAKE NOISE!!!!!

Perhaps I should move to the beach- no grass, no leaves.  Hmmm- nope, he’d still have the boat to make noise with. Alas.

gonna reactivate this old blog


I’m thinking I’m gonna start blogging here again. My nom de plume is gonna retire for a while (take a sabbitical, so to speak) so I’m gonna go back to the real name. Look for some new stuff here in the next days. Going to Romancemama’s tonight for some girl time – should be good for laughs. Maybe my headache from the day’s dramas will go away. 

Singing "Sherry Baby" maybe?

See how much fun she can be??? On second thought, maybe the headache won’t go away.  LOL!