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October 30, 2011- Two Year Anniversary


I started this blog way back on October 30, 2009. So much has changed since then. I was newly published in my very first anthology- appropriately a Halloween one- the story was called “The Arm” and was published by Whortleberry Press.  Since then, I’ve had three novels published under my romance pseudonym. I have three more romance novels under contract. I’ve also had 8 short stories published with two more coming out in time for Valentine’s Day.  I’m pleased with all I’ve accomplished in a short time and at how much  my writing skills have grown.  I have two other romance novels out on submission as well as a mystery novel. Here’s hoping for some good news on those. Although it may be that I’d stress myself out if they’re all accepted- lots of edits would be coming my way.

Here’s a fun picture of my nephew to celebrate Halloween Weekend and my blog anniversary:


My Favorite Scary Movie


Keys Hanging

It’s not really my total favorite, but one of many. It’s also not really scary. It’s more suspenseful than anything. It’s called “Skeleton Key” and Kate Hudson and Gena Rowlands star in it. It’s intriguing and very atmospheric. The only real down side to it is the horrendous Cajun accents. *SHUDDER* If you can get past the accents, it’s a good flick for an evening’s entertainment.

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“The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine”


I love this song and I especially love this movie version. Whenever I talk about my love for Alan Rickman’s work, I get the old song and dance about him always playing the bad guy. Au contraire, mon amis. He’s got quite a few films under his belt where he’s a wonderful person and this is one of my particular favorites. This film, Truly, Madly, Deeply is a great flick and the role of Jamie is played by Alan to perfection. Juliet Stevenson is awesome as well.  Check out this video of Alan singing The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine, which really is a sad song but they sing it in a fun manner in this scene from the movie. AND, isn’t he handsome?

Christmas Angels Anthology


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Is out and available for purchase:

My story is called Christmas in Venice and is set in the here and now but has a time travel element. It’s a tribute to a beautiful city and the tour guide who escorted us through it.


Romantic Comedy


So, the crazy story continues and segued again last night. I think I’m going to say it’s a romantic comedy because it really doesn’t fit any other genre. It’s weird because I usually have some element of suspense or a theme of that nature.  I do have a dead body and the heroine is a medical examiner but I find myself not really caring if the case is solved because I’m having so much fun with the dialogue between the main characters.  I may just call this a writing exercise and never submit it anywhere- it has at least amused me and kept  me out of trouble for a couple of days.  Always a plus.

Started a Crazy Story


I’m gearing up for NaNoWriMo beginning in November and don’t really want to start anything new writing-wise until then as I don’t want to get wrapped up in characters and then change gears in two weeks.

I had nothing to read in my car yesterday so I took my alpha writer to lunch and started a short story, thinking I was going to submit it to a place looking for fantasy romances. I wrote 365 words with a plan (sort-of- not really) for a fairy to  be part of the story.

So, today, I picked it up and worked on it at lunch again and added about 700 more words. It has now turned into a sort-of-not-really Valentine’s Day story. 

I have no idea where it’s going and when the hero asked the heroine if she knew who the murder victim was, she said no and asked him to tell her.  I was just as eager as she was to know the answer. 

Hurry up, November, so I can focus. Please. 


The News That Interests Me Most


BB We can has games crossword puzzle

It’s not so much the news that interests me. I’m a crossword puzzle hound. My paper has two crosswords a day and that’s the first thing I turn to and do. AND, yes, I live life on the edge, I do them in pen. I hate, hate the sound of pencil on newspaper- it’s worse to me than nails on a chalkbord, but not as bad as someone sharpening a knife on a whetstone- yeah, you can call me weird if you want. I embrace it.

After the crosswords are done, I do the word jumble and then read the comics with my favorite being MUTTS. I love those critters.

So, the newspaper is more like a game-paper to me. And that’s all right with me.

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New Christmas Anthology Coming Soon


Whortleberry Press is at it again. Their Christmas 2011 anthology will be out soon and they have outdone themselves this time on the cover. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and is going to really appeal to a lot of folks.  My story in this one is called Christmas in Venice.  The theme was Christmas Angels and my angels are a little unusual. This press always has themes of stories with scifi, fantasy or horror elements.  Mine is along the fantasy lines this time although there is a scifi element as well.

I can’t write dark so I don’t really do horror. There may horrific things that happen to my characters but they always keep their sense of humor intact. My main character in this story has a tough experience but she bucks up and gets on with things. I like characters who don’t give up. Probably because I’m such a non-quitter in my own life. Sometimes I stick to things way past time to forget it and move on. Write what you know? Right! 

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