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NaNo upload for winners


Uploaded last night before  Leaving today for Boca Raton to spend Thanksgiving with no. 1 son.  Today, when I logged on, my counter had turned to purple and it says “winner”    How cool.  first year to participate and I DID it.  Was there ever any doubt?  I’m an overachiever and proud of it.  LOL!  

    I’m here in Boca waiting for him to get out of class.  It is a dreary rainy day but who cares?  Traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, I get to see my kid and I won NaNo.   Its all good.   Happy Thanksgiving to all!



Bought a couple of Christmas gifts today. Hard to believe it will be here in such a short time.  I’m sort of worried about getting the time to get it all done.  It seems like all I do is work and write anymore.  Gotta get that NaNo book done and then I have to get back to Dario. I know he misses me. I promised to ‘fatten’ up his story and then Liam came in and has shoved Dario into the closet.  I sure hope I can convince the Alpha male Count to talk to me again since I took up with the upstart Irish singer.  I mean, really, who’d tell a titled millionaire to wait a month for me to give me time to flirt with an Irish Republican Army major?

Crawling towards 50,000


So, I was speeding along great guns toward my 50,000 words for NaNo and after I got to 40,000, I have slowed to a crawl.  I still have great stuff in my head to put down but the back hurts and the arm hurts.  I am working too hard at the real job- on the computer all day with that so,  in the evening, I just can’t seem to get going.  I have averaged less than 1,000 a night since my big sprint on Sunday.  I still have time but I hate to watch that y axis crawl up so slowly.

Duh Moment


I’m up to 40,000 words in NaNoWriMo.  As I moved my story along from the Atlantic Ocean to Chicago, I realized I’d  have to change a big part of it.  My characters have been singing in bars.  Well, today it dawned on my feeble brain that DUH!  Once I got them to the USA, I had a problem.  BIG one.  PROHIBITION!   Started in 1919.   So, now we have to move to a speakeasy.  Then the whole gangster thing came to mind.  This story keeps going off in all kinds of crazy directions.  I mean, who knew my male main character was going to write a suicide letter yesterday?   Good thing I have all this crazy trivia hidden in my psyche-  I’m glad it came to the fore today and not too late.  That’s one reason I hesitated to do a historical.  I love history but I’m paranoid about getting a detail wrong.  Maybe my brain can keep me on target.  MAYBE!

Stamp set


Have had a frustrating morning.  Going to go scrapbook today and I can’t find the stamp set I want to use in the book I’m making about my trip to the Mexican Riviera.  Have wasted over an hour looking for that sucker-  it can’t even be in the building – if it was, I’d have found it.  So.  I COULD have been writing or something productive while I waited for time to go to the crop- but no, I wasted the morning.  AND now I have to use another set and I’m not happy but like I tell my kids,  “Life is tough and then you die.”  So, I need to take my own advice and get over it.

NaNo update:  I’m within 400 words of 35,000.00   So, only 15,000 to go- I’m over 2/3 done!  Go me!

The Hero in my story


has taken a real turn that surprised me.  His newest exploit came to me in the car on the way home and I actully had to tell him that he was a sly devil.  He has decided on a course of action that I never foresaw.   It always amazes me where the mind can go.  I only thought I knew where this story was going.  I was wrong and I have to say that Liam has pleasantly surprised me.  I know its really me surprising me but this writing adventure never dulls for me.  I guess when it does, it’ll be time to quit.

NaNoWriMo again


So, I’m 431 words away from half way done.   Almost to 25,000 words.  I hope I have 50,000 words in this story.  I’m afraid I’ll get to 40,000 and have nothing else to say.   I’ve just passed the “Boy gets girl” part so maybe I’ll be fine.   Gotta get through the “black moment” or “Boy loses girl” part-  I’ve got a grand plan for that, by the way.   Then the “Boy wins girl back” part.  So, maybe it’ll happen.  Maybe.

So, my lap top has died


The funny thing is that I’ve been having tons of issues with the work computer and the older lap top at home was humming along just fine.    I wote 3110 words on my NaNo story on Friday night and boom, Sat morning.  the dang compter would not come on.  It has taken retirement with no notice.  No, I’ll work for 2 weeks and then draw social security. Nothing.  Just quit and walk out.  Now, is that responsible?  No.   It is just not kosher.  At all.     I sure thought the one at the office would die first.

Thank God for my Alpha Smart.  I’ve wrtten around 2800 words this morning on it.   I can sit in my comfortable chair and write, not at the desk where the non-portable machine sits.    Gotta upload the Alpha software to the desk top  and load what I wrote today to this computer.  Because I have learned, the hard way, I’m afraid. to have more than one copy of the story somewhere.  If 2 is good, 4 is better.   anna  Enjoy this photo from Provance, France- isn’t it lovely?  It was taken by Anna Bowkis on her vacation there.

Random Thought of the Week


So, I woke up today with a really random thought/question.    We all know about the Alpha male- you know, the macho, bossy, too arrogant to care guy.  We also write about the Beta male.  The one that is caring, sensitive and treats the heroine well.  So, is there an OMEGA male?  The first two letter of the Greek Alphabet are Alpha and Beta.  The last is Omega.   So, what kind of guy is the Omega?  And will we ever see a book with him as the hero?  

So, do you see the Omega man (yes. I know there was a movie by that name) as the ultimate anti hero or as the uber-nerd??  Just askin’