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Word Wednesday- December 18, 2013- Oscillate


Today’s word is OSCILLATE. This word has several applications but they mostly mean the same thing-to swing or move.

A pendulum oscillates by moving in a rhythmic motion between two points and so do some fans- a table top fan can be set to oscillate which means turn its top part to cool different parts of the room. People can also oscillate by being indecisive on one of two positions, points of view or courses of action.

Word Wednesday- Crepuscular


Today’s word is inspired by my feline family member, Hobbes. He’s CREPUSCULAR and makes me laugh when he gets spun up in the evenings.

CREPUSCULAR means of or relating to twilight. It also means active or occurring during twilight. There are a number of animals that are defined as such, including cats, rabbits, ferrets, bears, deer, moose, possums and even wombats. There are also a number of insects that are active near twilight.

Drop this word into a conversation this week. Go ahead, you know you want to. Here’s Hobbes climbing the fireplace. Can you see him?