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Happy St. Pat’s Day Weekend


Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I’m planning to watch one of my all time favorite Irish movies, Michael Collins. That man was truly what I would call one of my bad boys. He was strong, full of conviction and even though he was hated by the British, he did what he needed to do to stand up for what he believed even to the point of dying for those beliefs. This movie somewhat romanticizes what happened in the fight for Irish independence but it’s a good film. I love the way the cast relates to each other and the scenery and cinematography are superb. It doesn’t hurt that Alan Rickman, Aiden Quinn and Liam Neeson are easy on the eyes, too. Enjoy the day, drink a toast to your favorite Irishman and watch a flick.

What Makes Me Cry- Then vs Now


Locker room with lonely lab coat

It's funny that as I get older the things that make me cry now are different than what made me cry as a younger person. I was always pretty tough as a kid and really only cried if I was physically hurt or super mad. When I get furious, the emotion tends to come out in tears – which makes me even madder at myself for showing weakness by crying, which makes me cry more. It's terrible.

As I have aged and now have children, I cry much easier and sometimes for strange reasons. I have been known to cry during a commercial on televsion. I cry when I read and in movies. I guess having children loosened something in my emotional make up to make it easier to let the tears flow.

I'm not a scientist or psychologist, but I think the unconditional love I have for my children may have had a good effect on me and allows me to be more open.

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“Unknown”- A Movie Review


For the first time in a while, there was actually a movie I wanted to see out in theatres. I went today to see Unknown.  Liam Neeson is the star, and as usual, he’s his normal kick-butt self.  There were two women in the film. One was January Jones and she played his wife. The other was Diane Kruger, the woman that helps him when he’s being pursued. I much preferred the performance of Diane Kruger. She did a great job with a hard to play role. I think it was hard to play as the character was full of implausibilites. Some of the stuff she was asked to do would have never been done by a woman in her position.  A lot of this film stretched credulity. But it was a fun ride for two hours.

I loved that Aiden Quinn was in this film. I very much enjoy the film Michael Collins where Liam and Aiden play best friends and rivals for the love of Kitty.  It was fun to see them together again.  And it was also great to see Sebastian Koch in this film. One of my favorite foreign language films of all time has him in it. It’s called Black Book.  He’s an excellent actor. He plays the scientist, Professor Bressler.

For an afternoon of mindless entertainment, I say check this one out- it’s a wild romp.  AND if you’re so inclined, rent Black Book– an excellent, excellent choice.

The Black Swan- A Review


I went to see The Black Swan based on the fact that Vincent Cassel was in it. I love him. He’s an awesome actor and sexy to boot.  He didn’t disappoint.  He was amazing and there was one scene in particular that was spectacular.

Natalie Portman is excellent in this  movie as well.  She nails her part.  It was quite intriguing and I enjoyed watching her. The dancing was well done even though  it was clear that Natalie didn’t do the more intricate steps. The director did a great job of showing her with the hand movements which she nailed.  The feet movements were shown separate. It was seamless.  I find it interesting that she seemed to have a dancer’s body in this film as well.  She must have trained for a while for the role.

Winona Ryder did a great job as well in the role of an aging ballerina. She was  too briefly shown, though.

This film was a bit of a tragedy but I enjoyed it. And Vincent? He was wicked cool!! Tres sexy.

I’m a sucker for this movie


The crazy thing is, I know how it ends. I’ve seen it many, many times. I own it. But I cry at the end. Every. Single. time. Yes, every time. When Cary Grant looks from Deborah Kerr sitting on the couch and back up at the painting and back to her and he realizes why she didn’t come to him at the Empire State Building, I break down every time. It’s crazy, I know but what can I say, I’m a sucker.

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The Movie That I Love and Could Watch Over and Over


A wonderful, heart moving movie

I loved this movie for the reversal of roles of the sisters, Marianne and Eleanor. Eleanor was always staid and reserved and Marianne wanted to “die for love” and was passionate about everything. By the end of the movie, Marianne, who DID almost die over love, found her happiness with a stable man that she previously thought boring but who was actually better suited to her than the one that almost ruined her.

Eleanor changed as well when she thought her love was to marry another woman. She held in her hurt over his engagement and let no one know her heart was broken. When she found out he was not married, she became very emotional and let her feelings shine through, even to the extent of bursting into tears. That was completely out of character for her.

Each sister found true love.

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“Knight and Day”


Being a movie hound and having been busy with the day job, I took advantage of the long weekend and took in another movie on the 5th. I saw Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise.  Not normally a fan of either one of them but two of my friends had seen it and highly recommended it.  So I put aside my reservations and went.  I actually thought it was quite funny and appealing.  Both of the stars were spot on in their roles. I’m not sure but I think Tom Cruise might not have been acting.  I think his true personality was on display in this role. Except for the parts where he administered drugs- which we all know, based on the debacle with Brooke Shields, that he’d never do in real life.

One really cool part (yes, I’m showing my geek side) was that the celestial blue Volvo C-70 with calcite white leather interior was exactly like my car.  It was awesome to watch it being driven in such a wild manner.  I was happy that they abandoned it in pristine condition.  So funny that I’d be worried about such a dumb thing,  huh?

The other thing I liked was the scenery- Austria was the loveliest.  This was a fun flick and a good summer, light fare, movie.

They only used the Volvo with the top up in the movie.  Here it is with the top up (and in white, not blue).