Daily Archives: June 4, 2010

Five Sisters Blues Cafe



The Five Sisters Blues Cafe is a new restaurant in Pensacola located at Belmont and Devilliers.  It is a cute place reminiscent of  New Orleans restaurants. It has brick walls and columns and echoes like crazy in there.  They also have an outdoor dining area with ceiling fans.  I went today with my friend, John, and the place was hopping.   Saw loads of other people I know. 

Good country food- excellent fried chicken.  Had to pass on the banana pudding as I had no room but I bet it was awesome. 

They have po boys made with Gambinos bread as well as the good old fashioned country cooking. The name is a tribute from the owner to his mother and her four sisters.  I highly recommend the place. I know I’ll be back; over and over since it is a short walk from my office.  Go early as the parking is limited.  By the way, you can also enjoy a cocktail while you are there, if you are so inclined.

Check out the menu: http://fivesistersbluescafe.com/menu/