Edward Norton vs. Ed Norton


I’m watching The Italian Job where Mark Wahlberg plays the protagonist and Edward Norton plays the antagonist.  There are lots of actors to like in this movie.  Mos Def is most definitely cute with his dimples.  Jason Statham and Seth Green are also awesome.  And of course, it features the inimitable Donald Sutherland.

 Mr. Norton is excellent in evil roles (remember Primal Fear?)- He’s also good as a hero-type. I watched him in The Incredible Hulk last week- not because I’m a fan of comic book characters but because I like the actor. 

Anyway, as I watch this movie tonight, the other Ed Norton came to mind. Remember? The one from The Honeymooners? The  tv show from the 1950s?  I never saw  it on regular tv as it was on air before I was born but I have seen some re-runs on cable and some episodes on DVD.  It was funny- for 50s humor, that is. 

So, which Ed is your favorite? I know my choice. Bet you do, too.

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