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I have been debating for some time the pros and cons of trying to get published in the romance genre.   I have decided that it really is not a goal of mine at this time.   I adore writing but all the joy is being sucked out of it by the quest to publish.   I miss writing for the sheer escapism of it.  I can’t even bring myself to work on the pitches I need to do if I am going to pitch my manuscripts at the Silken Sands conference.   I have not relinquished my slots as yet but am considering it.   I think I will be  happier with keeping my stories for me and my friends that want to read them. 

I have had short stories published and I think that is all the validation I need right now.  I know I can write a good story. 

 The act of trying to get an agent to consider your work seems to me to be a backwards process.  They work for the writer, so why does the writer have to audition?  I am a lawyer and I work for my clients.  Some of them, I don’t like but I work for them anyway.  They are paying ME.  Not me paying them.  It seems like the agents think the client is the one that has to prove herself.  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  When I hear friends tell me that they have made a sale and NOW an agent wants to represent them, it seems so wrong- the sale is made based on the writing and the agent wants to collect her/her percentage for not selling the book.   Screwy system in my opinion.  AND no,  have not been rejected by an agent.   I’ve not even queried one.  Just making commentary on a strange system.  

Anyway, I think I’m out.   I want to write for joy,  not publication.

Full Moon


Tonight is the First full moon of the year.  Also known as the wolf moon- the largest and brightest of the year.  Old Indian Traditional name.  It is raining like crazy here and so I can’t get a picture of it.  I love the look of a full moon.  I know my friends that write paranormals are also in love with a full moon. Sayde Grace and Cynthia Eden like werewolves and I am sure some of  their fictional characters are roaming the hinterlands tonight.  I am sure they smell like wet dogs-  Not Sayde and Cindy-rather, their were-characters!    

In the absence of a picture from my yard- here’s one I lifted from Google images. 

Another freak


I had another weird thing happen when I was visiting my friend.   Her mom got a nose bleed around 5:30 pm.  My friend broke a glass around 6:30 and cut her hand.  I said, “Before the night is over, I will shed blood.  AND guess what?   I DID>   I stepped on a sliver of glass and my foot was bleeding-  Lisa looked at her watch and it was 11:45 p.m.   How crazy is that!



Am visiting a friend in the Atlanta Metro area and have had a great time.  We have laughed and talked (shared a bit of Jack Daniels) and she had brought me out of the doldrums.  We scrapbooked today Archivers and had dinner from Atlanta Bread Co.  Good friends make for good times.

A couple of rough days


Have a lemon computer.  It is less than a year old and has caused me grief off and on for the past year.  The last two days have been awful.  REALLY awful.  Can’t get anything done,  And I mean nothing!   I can’t even write on it as the word processing program is screwed up.  As I type, it hesitates.  I’m not a real adept typist anyway so I have to keep going back and fixing the errors that I’m making as it stutters. 

To top it off, I had to travel today for work. The trip itself was eventless but the hotel decided to hide and I had to hunt for it for almost 2 hours.  I was almost tempted to drive til I ran out of gas and then hope for the police to let me sleep at the jail.  I called the hotel for directions as the ones I had were not taking me there.  So, the dude gives me directions and I ended up in the area of town where the only lights were neon.  Pink neon and they said “girls, girls, girls”  –  a bit out of my element there.  So, hysteria set in,   Not a good few days,  nope, not at all.



Updated my website tonight and it took forever. I’m sure no one reads it just like no one reads my blog here, but since I had not updated that sucker since August, I decided to do so. I really need to be working on my WIP but this was something that needed doing as well.

Better and long weekend


I am better today.  Feel actually like doing a bit of writing.  That sickness kicked my butt for a few days.  Since this is a long weekend, I hope to either get in some writing on the new WIP or even better, edit the other two that I want to pitch at the Silken Sands Writer’s Conference in March. 

Speaking the Silken Sands Conference:  here are the details:                          Should be a grand time.  My chapter members are awesome and a fun group to hang around.  Come and join us.    March at Pensacola Beach is lovely!

Here is the beach on Dec 24, 2009 



I feel like crap.  Have way to much to do than  be sick.  I was fine when I got up today.  Got really cold at lunch- restaurant was like an iceberg . Nose started running  before I  left there. Sore throat hit around 2:00 p.m.  back ache at 4:00.  came home at 5:oo and took some meds.  now it is 6:45 and the old nose is pouring.  Can hardly swallow.  Gotta get on top of this, NOW.

Soundtrack again


I’m ready, I think,  to make the Soundtrack  CD for my newest WIP.  This is a story about a lawyer and an Interpol Agent- who is not exactly what he seems.   Here are the songs I’ve chosen.  Couldn’t resist the Interpol one called NYC  as the story takes place in New York City (or starts there, anyway).

Howard Jones : Things Can Only Get Better; Alan Parsons Project: Eye in the Sky; 10CC: I’m Not in Love; Pink: Do What You Do; Pink: Waiting For Love; Stevie Wonder: Boogie on Reggae Woman; Dan Hall: Never Thought; Pete Townshend: Let My Love Open the Door; Yardbirds: For Your Love; Turtles: Happy Together; Blood, Sweat and Tears: You Made Me So Very Happy; Walter Egan: Magnet and Steel; Dell Shannon: Runaway; Steely Dan: Rikki Don’t Lose That Number; Interpol: NYC

Just for fun, here is a picture from one of my trips to NYC

The subway had a fire as we sat in Juniors eating lunch – we got to see all the action- AND some pretty cute firemen.  Why is it that all firemen are handsome?