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SpellBound Hearts! Available Now!


Spellbound Hearts just came out today- Jillian’s story is called Boxers or Briefs and takes place in Texas. The heroine owns a lingerie shop and acts as an amateur matchmaker for her customers. She can’t figure out this one guy, though and casts a spell that goes awry.

Available here:

I Win!


I’m a superstar at any game requiring the knowledge of vast amounts of trivia. Trivial pursuit, Jeopardy, etc are my forte. I have so much junk in my head, it’s kind of a scary place to be.

I’ve passed this love of facts, figures, history, geography, pop culture, etc on to my second son as well. He’s captain of his school’s academic team and usually wins trivia night at Mellow Mushroom.

Arcana is our drug of choice.


OREO!! Happy Birthday to YOU!


Today is the 100th anniversary of Oreo cookies! What a wonderful invention. I’ve had a love/love relationship with the chocolate wafers for my whole lifetime. I can’t imagine a world without these little yummies, can you? I’m not a fan of frosting but the cream inside an oreo is heavenly.

If I could only have the wafer or the cream for the rest of my life, I’d pick the wafer for sure. YUM!

Gotta go. Time to get a refill and pass the milk while you’re at it.