Sherry Fowler Chancellor is an attorney in her day job which is a wonderful and rewarding career. At nights and on weekends, she is a writer. This career is also a rich and rewarding one. Sherry has a number of romance novels published under her pseudonym. She also has many short stories published under both her real name and her pen name.

Sherry Fowler Chancellor is the name Sherry is using for her mystery stories.

S. F. Chancellor is the name Sherry is using for her YA fiction in order to provide less confusion to the reader as to which audience she is trying to reach.

She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution but is an Anglophile at heart. Reading Agatha Christie novels and Sherlock Holmes stories as a kid made her want to run away to England and she hasn’t gotten over that desire yet. On her visits, she feels like she’s come “home.” Perhaps in another life, she was a chamber maid or a duches

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  1. My Father’s family originally were from England. My Mother’s from Germany, with a little Scotch-Irish and Jewish thrown in for good measure.
    My maternal Great Grandmother was full Cherokee. I suppose that ‘s the reason I have, long before I even knew I was part Native American, felt a deep connection to the Natives and their natural way of life.

    Every woman in our family has inherited a love of horses, singing, and writing. My Great Grandmother did all three.

    Our family also has lawyers, and law enforcement ties for several generations, as well.

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