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Blurb- The Eisenger Element


Here is the official blurb for The Eisenger Element.  I’ll share a pic or two of New Orleans as well.


She thought she was ready for the hard cases, but that was before she met him…

Emilia Hammond recently earned her gold shield as a detective with the New Orleans police department and is working on her first assignment, eager to prove herself capable of handling her promotion. After a series of attacks on prostitutes in the French Quarter, she finds herself going undercover to investigate. In the process, she’s called to the scene of a murder at an attorney’s office. She has a good lead, a solid case, until her prime suspect turns the tables on her.

He’s trying to clear his innocent brother, and now he’s a murder suspect himself…

Attorney Lincoln Eisenger is from a prominent New Orleans Garden District family. His brother Myles is in Angola Prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Linc is determined to clear his brother’s name and bring him home. But when his law partner is killed, Linc becomes the prime suspect. Now he has to clear himself as well as his brother, all the while trying to ignore the sparks igniting between him and the spunky female detective he thought was a prostitute.



Cover Reveal- The Eisenger Element


This one was hard to imagine an appropriate cover. Even the cover artist was at a loss since there is so much going on in this story. I knew I had no idea how to capture the essence of it and I’ve been thinking about it since I finished writing it a long time ago (this was my NaNoWriMo story in 2013)-  I knew a New Orleans Police Department badge was something I wanted somewhere since the heroine is a cop. The scales of Justice was also an idea since the hero is a lawyer. Jack, the cover artist, came up with the New Orleans musician in the corner to give the flavor of the city.

The first scene is the remainder of the cover. In that scene, the heroine is working undercover and the hero is leaning on a lamp post hoping to see her as he wants to assist her to get off the streets because he thinks she’s an underage prostitute. (The inspiration for this story was the Herman’s Hermits song, Leaning on a lamp post– LOL) Check it out here.

Eisenger Element

Working on Edits- The EIsenger Element


My second set of edits came in on my upcoming release, The Eisenger Element and I’m working through them. I’d forgotten how much I love these characters. The heroine, Emilia, is a smart-mouthed, sassy New Orleans cop from Algiers and she has a quirky side for sure. The hero, Lincoln Eisenger, is a lawyer who is trying to help his brother who has been wrongfully convicted of murder and is in Angola Prison.

It’s a fun story with lots of character, if I do say so myself. BUT how could it not since New Orleans is where it’s set. What a great city to place a story. There’s so much that can be done and so many unique individuals there that inspire me to really ramp up the characterizations. This tale has hookers, Garden District denizens, a Tarot card reader, a family of cops, and a mystery to solve as well.

Here’s the house I picture as the home of the hero. It’s a real home in the Garden District. Isn’t it lovely?1851