Daily Archives: June 21, 2010

The Addams Family


As promised, here is my review of The Addams Family on Broadway.  We had front row center seats for the Sunday, June 13, performance. I have never been on the front row before. The closest I’ve been in the past was 7th row when I saw Talk Radio.  I saw Equus from the box and that was a good high view of the stage. This front row thing was a real treat. When Nathan Lane walked onstage, I was so excited I could barely stand it.  He is just such a virtuoso in the comedic arts, he is irresistible. The magnetism he has comes across the stage lights and grabs hold and doesn’t turn loose even when the show ends. He was on form and I thoroughly enjoyed his performance.

Bebe Neuwirth also has a great  presence. She was wonderful in her role as Morticia. Her voice and dance abilities are awesome.  I especially enjoyed her dance scene with the ancestors.

The woman who played the mother of Wednesday’s boyfriend, Carolee Carmello, was hilarious. I saw her when she played Donna in Mamma Mia, so I knew she could sing but she played a comedic role here and she was spot on. When she drank the potion Pugsley poured and  her “dark side” came out, she  was so funny, I laughed til I cried.

Terrance Mann is one of my favorite actors and he was perfect as the father of the boyfriend of Wednesday.

Wednesday was a cute girl and sang quite well.  Uncle Fester stole almost every scene he was in (except for the ones with Nathan, of course, as who could take their eyes off Nathan? )  Kevin Chamberlin played Fester and he was nominated for a Tony. He didn’t win but he was really good in the role.

Lurch, Pugsley and Grandma were true to the television series.  All in all, I was very pleased with the show.  Near the end, Nathan Lane tossed a rose into the audience and #2 son caught it.  He gave it to me.  It was a cool end to the show and I’m glad we got to go. 

Two thumbs up for this one.