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Bahama Christmas


Check out Lavada Dee’s new book! In time for Christmas!

After being pretty quiet on the news front, Bahama Christmas is giving me something to blog about. Jillian Chantal is featuring Bahama Christmas over on her blog today. It’s an interview and I love Jillian’s questions. They make me want to pull out my luggage and book a cruise.   So for a bit of cruise ambiance pop over it’s at

And, Bahama Christmas is also featured on Snowglobes Festive & Fun mini contest. This contest runs from today through Nov. 26th. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with the Title and Name of the author of the cover your voting for and your email address. Snowglobe is at wishing you all luck.

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New Release- Thanks for Giving


A Thanksgiving sweet romance celebrating bone marrow donation to save lives.

Jillian Chantal

November 8th was the release day for this weekend read (Short story under 10,000 words) from my publisher, Sweet Cravings Publishing. This one is just long enough for you to have something to read while your holiday pie bakes. My heroine in this one gets interrupted in the process of baking her pies and would that we all had a hot guy at our door distracting us from baking, right?

This one is dear to my heart as I celebrate the gift of life that bone-marrow donors give. BUY LINK


Molly Touchstone and Chip French were high school sweethearts who broke off their exclusive relationship when he moved to another state when they were in their junior year. Chip visited his grandparents periodically and would see Molly when he was in town. They completely lost touch their freshman year of college, leaving Molly broken-hearted when Chip didn’t return to…

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