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Book Review- Blood Money


thI love James Grippando and his Jack Swytek series of novels. If you haven’t read any of these, you’re really missing out. The latest installment, Blood Money, is clearly inspired by the Casey Anthony trial. There are too many similarities to miss. This is clearly a fiction tale and it’s cool how he used this trial to build a thrilling story around some of the facts. I love how Mr. Grippando even made a word play on the horrific Nancy Grace by naming his media shark Faith Corso. That cracked me up. First of all, because the character was clearly based on that odious woman and the last name of Corso made me think of coarse which she is. (Remember, all this is my opinion only-if you like this woman, that’s your prerogative. I don’t).

This book is a fast read and very exciting. I don’t want to give any spoilers so I won’t say much about the plot but this one is packed with lots of angles and turns. I was a little disappointed in a couple of things that never seemed to get resolved and I would’ve liked to know the answers to those questions. It was nothing that took away from the final solution to the whodunit but there were threads left hanging that didn’t please me. There was also the matter of something that niggled at me about Swyteck’s client, Sydney. She acted in a way that didn’t make sense to me. After learning what kind of person she was, I had a hard time reconciling her willingness to do a certain thing with what we learn about her on the journey, but all in all, this was a fun read with enough twists and turns to satisfy the toughest critic.

The story has Mr. Grippando’s usual wit with his main protagonist, Jack and his best friend, Theo. These two characters are larger than life and I adore how they play off each other and the way the zingers keep coming even when they are inthe midst of trouble. I recommend this one. Highly.

Rainy Days


Surprisingly, being a resident of the Sunshine State, I do love a rainy day. Of course, in the summer time, we have afternoon thunderstorms almost every day. I am not a person who likes to be out in the rain running errands or getting in and out of the car (Why is it that getting the umbrella into the vehicle always makes me wetter than if I didn’t have one at all?).

On rainy days, I want to be inside watching the rivulets of water stream down the window pane and listening to the drops patter on the roof. Very soothing and relaxing. Deluges can stay away though since they mess with the satellite dish!

Coffee vs. Tea


Ice tea

I love tea. I drink it all day. Cold or hot. It’s perfect. It keeps me warm on a cold day and most important in Florida’s humidity, it keeps me cool on a hot, humid day- which most of them are. And as you should know, it’s not the heat that’ll get you, it’s the humidity. The only coffee I drink is iced coffee or frappachino!

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Look of Disappointment


I was in Delray, Florida on Friday and wanted to go to Murder on the Beach, a mystery book store. We got there a bit after ten and the store was dark. The spouse went and looked on the door and came back to say there were no hours posted. We sat in the car for a while and I decided to head over and look in the window. I’ve written a cozy mystery called Mystery on the Coast and I wanted to peek in the window of the store even if it was closed.  As I looked in, I saw a sign that they opened at ten (spouse must be blind) but they were still not open. So, we left and walked down the street to a few other stores. #1 son took this picture of me when I was looking in the window and he called it “The Look of Disappointment” 

They did eventually open and I bought four books. So, not so disappointed after all.

Sunrise vs. Sunset


Sunrise in Florida

I love sunset better than sunrise but I get to see some beautiful sunrises as I drive to Tallahassee once a month for court. I have to leave home around five am and it’s interesting to see what time the sun comes up- it varies based on the time of year. It’s awesome most of the time.

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The Worst Teacher I Ever Had


Snow in Florida Cancels Geometry for a Day

7652 Historic Snowstorm Charlottesville and Central Virginia Reverse Sunrise

Geometry- 10th grade- witch. She broke her back and would be in pain and leave, be gone 3-4 days, we had substitute teacher (s)- never the same one 2 days in a row- Witch would come back- still in pain and give tests on material never covered in class, ad infinitum- Horrible experience.

One day it snowed- YES, in Fla, it snowed. We all were late to class and she dictated a paragraph that we were to write 20 times. It was HUGE- all I can remember is the first few words: “The snow today has warped my mind…”

Before we got it all down once, the principal came on the intercom and told us to go home. Whew!

And, I never did learn geometry!

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