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My TV Show Not to be Missed as a Child


The first television show I remember having to leap off the school bus and run home to watch was Dark Shadows. My sister and I would fly down the road and to our house to catch the show. It was usually already on. She love Barnabas and wanted to be Angelique. I adored Quentin and wanted to be Daphe. It’s funny to look back on that as my sister is blonde and I’m a brunette and the woman we each wanted to be was typical of our type.

I have season one on DVD now and am shocked at how cheesy the show was. But dang, it was great gothic fun for two young girls.

A Box of Chocolates- No, Not That Kind of Turtle!


Our NeigHboRs PeT TurtLe

The best thing to find inside a chocolate is some type of nougat and nuts. My absolute favorite is caramel and pecans- a turtle– After that, walnuts with nougat. Can anyone resist a chocolate covered cherry? Nope, didn't think so.

Now, the fastest one I'll spit out is one with coconut inside. Not a fan of chocolate with coconut. At all. I like chocolate and I like coconut but do not cross the line and combine them. I also don't like the ones with that icky jelly like substance in them.

Call me nuts, but give me nuts- every time!

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On Sarcasm


I "heart" Sarcasm

Romantic Heart form Love Seeds

Ahhh. Sarcasm. I love it. I like witty repartee and sarcasm can be fun – in moderation. I don't like it when it's used to hurt someone, but in a playful way, it can be interesting and flirtatious. I like to use it in my writing as characters seem more real if they have some idiosyncrasy and sarcasm can fit the bill there. So, yeah, I'd have to say I love it.

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Guest Liberty Blake


Today’s guest is Liberty Blake. She’s a super writer and an awesome friend. She’s in this great anthology from Still Moments publishing. I hope you’ll check out her story. It’s a really fun read! Enjoy!

The Dark Side of Valentine’s Day

Hi, Jillian. Thank you for sharing your space with me. I love your stories and am honored to be in Valentine Delights Be Mine with you.

A few years ago I worked as a cocktail waitress in a country bar (in the Boston area) and a bartender in a small hotel. They were both fun places, but you wouldn’t choose either place for a romantic dinner.

There were two nights a year I refused to work. One was New Years Eve. The other was Valentine’s night. That is the night when all the women who don’t have a Valentine get together at the local watering hole and try to drown their sorrows. It is also the night when they are easy prey for the “Smooth Move Lounge Creeper”. SMLC for short. The SMLC is a cross between an octopus, an ape, and a snake. They slither in when a woman is at her most vulnerable. The after effect of an encounter with a SMLC is worse than a hangover.

Then there are the couples who come in. The woman might have a date, but he didn’t spring for a nice meal in a good restaurant, instead he brought her for the all-you-can-eat free nibbles. It is always a special moment when he asks hopefully if it is “ladies night”.

Florist Melody Roberts, the heroine of Change of Heart always told her friends she hated Valentine’s Day, but the truth was her no good boyfriend never took her out. In seven years he never gave her so much as a card. She is finally dating a dreamboat and is eagerly looking forward to Valentine’s Day. That is until he didn’t ask her out.

Meet Melody and her friends in Change of Heart.

Change of Heart by Liberty Blake
After the night they spent in the hot tub, Melody believed her new man wanted a relationship, but now it was Valentine’s Day and not even a phone call. Did he have a Change of Heart?

Change of Heart, The Coroner’s Heart, and Latte Love are together in Valentine Delights the Be Mine Anthology from Still Moments Publishing.

Still Moments Publishing:

Valentine Delights Be Mine on Smashwords:
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Jillian is Guest Blogging.


Two books released in the same week is tough. Both babies are dear to a writer’s heart. Jillian is blogging two places today. and