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Happy Halloween Friday Facts- October 30, 2015


Sharing the pumpkins, Happy Halloween!

Jillian Chantal

It’s Friday and yes, I know, I missed the last two. I was visiting my son and hadn’t planned ahead.  While I was there, we went to the pumpkin spectacular at the zoo. It was amazing to see the pumpkins they carved and drew on. Movie scenes, movie stars, headless horsemen, phantom of the opera, and even the Beatles. Such amazing art.  Here’s a link to the website.

The zoo is named after Roger Williams- and here’s your Friday Fact- he was the founder of a colony in 1636. He named it Providence Plantation and he was a proponent of the separation between church and state. His colony offered refuge for religious minorities and he founded the first Baptist church in America.

Enough facts, let’s share some pumpkins!  2015-10-21 20.19.242015-10-21 20.24.072015-10-21 20.29.242015-10-21 20.29.132015-10-21 20.46.582015-10-21 20.25.19

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Pre-Order Now Up- The Eisenger Element


Eisenger ElementI was thrilled to find The Eisenger Element up for preorder. It’ll pop right into your inbox on release day. How cool is that?  Here’s the Amazon link (which is the only one I’ve found so far).

A New Orleans trolley

A New Orleans trolley

I’m really excited to get this one out there. I love, love the city of New Orleans and the inspiration it gives me. I hope I’ve done the place justice as there’s really no place like it.

Teaser – The Eisenger Element


Here’s a teaser of The Eisenger Element (release date is Oct 24, 2015) and some more New Orleans pictures.


Wasn’t it bad enough his brother had been wrongly convicted? Now they were trying to hang a rap on him…

“You and your brother are very clever. He’s been convicted of murder himself—”

“Oh, so, in your esteemed opinion, the inclination to murder is something that’s in the genes?” Linc took a step in Emilia’s direction. “First of all, my brother was wrongfully convicted—wrongfully—and secondly, that’s one of the most inane things I think I’ve ever heard in my life.” Linc took another step toward her.

Emilia resisted the urge to back up, as she didn’t want Eisenger to know he’d gotten to her and that she was a bit frightened by the anger in his voice. She threw a grateful glance at Howard as he took hold of Lincoln’s upper arm.

“Hang on, man. No need to threaten the lady,” Howard said.

“She’s no lady and I didn’t threaten her.” Lincoln spread his arms and grinned but to Emilia it appeared to be more of a grimace than an actual smile. “I’m an innocent man standing in his own driveway being needled by an officer of the law. Maybe I need to make a call of my own to the police commissioner. Tell him all about the harassment I’m enduring based on the mere fact that I have a brother in Angola and I have a dead law partner who I couldn’t possibly have had a chance to kill. What do you think?” Linc glared at Emilia. “How do you think that phone call could affect that gold shield that I bet you have had for about five minutes?”

“You don’t have that kind of clout, mister. If you did, your brother wouldn’t be in prison now, would he?”

At that comment, Lincoln did lunge at Emilia. She whipped her gun up and aimed it directly at his chest.