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The “Call” that was an Email


I got the elusive “call” today – except, turns out, it was an email. A totally unexpected, out of the blue, email that made my day– nay– made my week! 

I’m pretty excited about it.  A publisher actually wants to publish one of my books. Now, mind you, I’m still thrilled about the anthologies I’m in because it means a lot to me that editors like my work. I will still send in some short stories because I love writing short. I like stories where I can hold it all in my head at once. 

But this is the next step on the rung. I’m just glad to be taking a step to the next level.  Check out my pen name’s blog for more info:

I’m a sucker for this movie


The crazy thing is, I know how it ends. I’ve seen it many, many times. I own it. But I cry at the end. Every. Single. time. Yes, every time. When Cary Grant looks from Deborah Kerr sitting on the couch and back up at the painting and back to her and he realizes why she didn’t come to him at the Empire State Building, I break down every time. It’s crazy, I know but what can I say, I’m a sucker.

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The Other Guys


Got done with the marathon editing session yesterday and started reading a book instead of writing one.  It is one written by one of my friends and I’m loving it.

Today,  after lunch with the parents, I decided to treat myself for getting the story done by going to a movie I’d been wanting to see.  I went to see The Other Guys.  I love Mark Walhberg (in all his incarnations) and Michael Keaton.  I’m not such a big Will Ferrell fan. I like some of his stuff but some of it is too goofy/weird for me. 

This movie was really fun. Totally bizarre premise but the humor was great. Mark Wahlberg was too funny in his role.  He was just laugh out loud funny.  I loved Michael Keaton as the captain with a side job at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Will Ferrell was more subdued than he normally is (except for one scene) and so I was able to enjoy his humor as well. 

And Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson’s characters jumping off the building was priceless.  Enjoyed the narration by Ice-T as well. 

I liked the end where I spotted, across the street from Nathan’s on Coney Island, the Popeye’s chicken where #2 son and I ate when we were there. I  also liked the up close view of#1 son’s favorite Frank Gehry designed building.  Those were fun glimpses of the city I love.

I recommend this one for a mindless, laughter filled, two hours.

Planning another marathon session tonight


I’ve been absent from this blog because I am in re-write hell. I had a story that I thought was complete at 55,000 words- it was short because I was targeting the Harlequin Romantic Suspense line. Sent it in and got a rejection letter but it was a great letter- the editor liked it but said it wouldn’t fit what they  needed at the time- She was very encouraging about the story itself- she liked the  heroine and the story line but felt I needed to ramp up the romantic elements. She didn’t say it, but I think it was partly due to the language my character uses. 

I then pitched it to another editor- added more words and got it to 70,000- thought the story was complete at that length as well. I sent it to her and she was encouraging as well. She liked it, too but thought it was too short.   Oy Vey!  Too short?

Then, I attended RWA National conference and pitched it to an agent. She wanted it bigger, too.  She asked me to re-evaluate it and send it to her after Labor Day. So, now I’d been told twice to make the sucker longer. 

 AND I have begun that quest.  Started it on Sunday and am up to Chapter 8. I have added over 8000 words so far this week. I’ve been working two chapters a night for the last couple of nights (did 3 on Sunday)-  It may not sound like much to say I’m working on two a night but this is tedious. I am trying my damnedest not to “pad” the story and sometimes, I add something only to get two pages further down and I already have something similar and have to go back and take out the stuff I just added.   Very slow going.

AND now, I come home and am immediately distracted by a Clive Owen movie. He’s the inspiration for the hero in the story I’m working on. It’s a conspiracy.   I’m sure of it.  But, if I want that elusive contract for a full length book, I gotta buck up and meet the goal I’ve set for myself for the week. Wish me luck!

EDITED TO ADD:  Just got an email that  the newest anthology I’m in has released. It is called Halloween Dances with the Dead and my story is called The True Believers.  It was inspired by the Pensacola Lighthouse and the allegations that it is haunted.  Here are the front and back covers and order info:

What I’d Say to My 16-Year-Old Self


Words to a 16 year old in a hurry to be an adult

I would be sure to let myself know that I shouldn’t be so critical of everything I do. Not to put so much pressure on myself. To slow down, to not be in such a hurry to grow up and be a financial success. To stop and think through some of those decisions I made that have continued to affect my life. I’d try to be more carefree and less serious. AND I’d be sure to tell myself that I was not fat- that I was actually quite attractive. Never believed it- now I know. I was really a pretty cute little girl!

I’m the one on the right in the red toga in this picture.

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An Epic of Epic Epicness


An Epic of Epic Epicness is the tag line for the film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  I took the day off work today to spend with my sons since one goes back to college this weekend and the other starts 11th grade on Monday. The younger kiddo decided he would just stay home with his music/guitar. So, older kiddo picks the place for lunch and the movie.  We went to one of my least favorite places on Earth to eat- Chili’s-  I had a chicken/ranch quesadilla.  For the life of me, I didn’t see or taste any ranch dressing. 

Then we went to the movie. The one I didn’t want to see and was counting myself lucky to have missed it yesterday when my 2 girlfriends went. Alas, I found that I was not to have dodged that bullet like I thought I had. Off we went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  It was actually kind of witty and cute.   I didn’t like some of the elements- such as the coins falling in certain parts. I liked the band- they were actually pretty good. Jason Schwartzman was excellent as was the guy that played the gay room mate of Michael Cera’s character. It was Kieran Culkin.  Hate to say it though, I’m still not a big fan of Michael Cera.  He just seems so blah. No personality.
Enjoyed the day off with the kid. We went to Target and Sam’s, too. And now he’s cooked dinner. He’s handy to have around.

Tried to Tell You


Lawyer bear!

An “I told you so moment”

I can’t really say exactly what that moment was because I’m a lawyer and it was with a client. I sure wish that one had heeded my advice from the start as all of our lives would’ve been easier. MUCH easier- I DID tell the person they should have listened to me and the issue would’ve never arisen. Query: Why hire a lawyer if you’re going to ignore the advice?

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The Funniest Movie Ever


Who loves ya, Victor?

Who couldn’t love this movie? It has some really great lines- Like when Igor got the brain and said it was from “Abbie someone.” “Abbie who?” “Abbie Normal.”

and the lines about  “roll in the hay” and “werewolf?” and “There wolf.”

The horses neighing whenever the housekeeper’s name was said was hilarious. Madelyn Khan’s entire role. There is so much to love in this movie-like the line  “put the candle back.”

This was just classically a riot. Loved it. Still watch it a lot. If you haven’t seen it lately, watch it again, it’ll make you happy.

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