Daily Archives: June 26, 2010

Surprise is on me


I am going to a surprise party today for a friend that is turning 70.  I accepted the invite way back in April. That would be in the spring.  Here in Fla, spring lasts about 12 minutes.  I didn’t read the whole invite, just knew I needed to go and the calendar was clear, so I said “Sure.”

Imagine my shock and dismay as I read over the invite today to see “Come at noon, to be here for her arrival at 12:30- Bring lawn chair” –

 OH. MY. GOSH.  OUTSIDE? REALLY????  It is 100 degrees at noon with a heat index of 110-  what the HELL was my friend, Evangeline, thinking? Her aunt and all the guests are going to die in the heat.  Has she got the coroner on speed dial?  Just askin’

EDITED TO ADD: Stayed home w/ a bottle of Imodium.   Will send her  a nice card.