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Had to hitch a ride home today


So got here early. Had to take the VW to the shop for an a/c issue. I know, I know, I have a brand new Volvo, why did I keep that VW?  Because I love it is why and because I drive it to Tallahassee every month to save the new baby some wear and tear.  Anyway, even though the VW is a convertible (you know the rule- only drive convertibles)-in Florida, an air conditioner is a MUST HAVE.  I had it fixed 9 mos ago and the new compressor went bad- thank God for the warranty on the one they stuck in there – so this should not be a big cost outlay.

Anyway, I tell you all that crap and now I’m to the point of this post.  I got out of the car and walked toward my front door and was practically attacked by this HUGE blue butterfly.  It had the markings of a Monarch but was a gorgeous blue.  I ran in to get the camera. The little bugger wouldn’t sit still. He was all over getting to the nectar of the flowers in the front bed and he was MAD at me for interrupting his dinner. He kept flying at my head like a kamikaze.  I finally gave up and came inside. I’ve always heard it was good luck (Of course, I don’t believe in luck) to have a butterfly fly around you.  I’m here to tell you, nope,  it is dangerous!  Check him out. AND don’t dare tell me he isn’t that big. He’s a beast.

On leaving New York


At LaGuardia Airport ready to head home from my 8 days in NYC.  I’ll be posting reviews of the 2 shows I saw soon but here is a picture to tide you over til then.

This was my main mode of transportation for the last week. I miss my Volvo.

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