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Those of you who know me know I claim some psychic ability.  See, I  can predict things on occasion.  Can’t contol it.  It just happens – a lot of the time, it has to do with someone having a medical issue but sometimes, its just strange how I can have a thought or mention something and things happen.  My sister used to say I channeled things in the air through my fillings. 

One of my friends and I plan to go to Psychic boot camp soon in New Orleans to see if we can learn to channel our gifts.   Lois is a ghost magnet.  She has been on ghost hunts and has caught come great EVPs and photos.   So, should be fun. 

Anyway, I say this as I am listening to Accuradio here at work.  We just had a conversation about the sexiest songs on Earth and my comment was  what about Me and Mrs Jones?    I think it is drop dead sexy.  So, what did Accuradio play the very next song????  You guessed it.   Freak me out!

SoundTracks: The Third Installment


This is the song list for the manuscript Solo Honeymoon.  Finding a title for this one just about kicked my butt.  It was called The Italian Novel in my head for months til I landed on the real title.   The heroine finds her fiance in the middle of the floor in flagrante with one of her bridesmaids.   Rather than stay home and face the shame, she flees on  her honeymoon trip with her best friend instead of the fiance.  She falls for a sexy Italian dude.   And then the fiance follows her to Italy and eventually to New York City for the denouement.  Here are the songs:

Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive;  Dean Martin: Mambo Italiano and That’s Amore;  Bonnie Tyler:  Holding Out For a Hero;  Weather Girls: Its’s Raining Men; Arsenium: Love Me, Love Me;  INXS: Need You Tonight; Pink: Oh My God; Texas: In Demand; Daughtry: It’s Not Over; Aerosmith: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing;  Secondhand Serenade: It’s Not Over.

I DO know I have two songs called It’s Not Over but they both fit the mood of the manuscript.    Here is my inspiration for the hero, Dario:

His name is Edoardo Costa.  Very Nice, Hey?

Soundtracks: Part Deux


As promised, here is the soundtrack for my book called Redemption for the Devil:  This is a story of an Irish Republican Army bomber, (Protestant- yeah- I know most of them were Catholic but he rebelled against his family), masquerading as a bartender, that falls in love with a nice Catholic girl. They are  on the ship, the Mauretania, in late 1919.  He is supposed to  blow it up but has a hard time doing it because he will kill this Irish lass he has fallen for.  What a dilemma.   She is the singer on board in the first class lounge so some of the music is pretty old.

so, here are the songs:   Three Dog Night: One;  Paul Anka: Lonely Boy; Nat King Cole: Stardust (and yeah- I was gonna have her sing it but it was written after my time period- dang!);  Harry Connick, Jr.:  Danny Boy;  John McCormack: Wild Irish Rose;  Chris Isaak: Yellow Bird; Tom Jones: She’s a lady; Billy Joel:  Always a Woman, The Stranger, and Only the Good Die Young; Back Street Boys: Bad Boy and Don’t Wanna Lose you; George Michael: Kissing a Fool and One More Try;  Soundtrack from Poseidon Advanture: Morning After;  and Pink: Stop Falling.

So, a bit eclectic this one, huh?   Anyway, I found this picture on the net and it seemed appropriate as Liam is a bartender and Peg is the lounge singer.