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Southern Sizzle Blog


I am one of seven members that blog on the Southern Sizzle Romance blog. We each blog one day a week. Saturdays are my day to blog. I have dubbed my day Bad-urday as I feature bad boys of fiction- books and films.  This month is our one year anniversary as a group blog. We have Dianna Love as our guest blogger of the day and she’ll be blogging about her series co-written with Sherrilyn Kenyon. The heros of these books are all employed by the BAD Agency. An agency so secret, even the CIA knows nothing about it. It is an awesome series.  Not paranormal which is usually Sherrilyn’s forte.  I love these books.  The first is Phantom in the Night. I bought it at LaGuardia Airport on a trip home from New York a few years ago- before I ever knew Dianna- and I loved it. 

The second one  is Whispered Lies (my personal favorite),  and then there is Silent Truth.  On September 28, 2010, a novella will be released.  It is in an anthology called Deadly Promises and I’ll be lined up to get it.  It’ll be my only one that isn’t autographed so I’ll have to wait til I see Dianna again to get that one signed.  She’s an awesome writer and a great person.  I highly recommend her work- I hope you’ll all drop by and check out the SS post on the 14th- here’s the link:


Here are the covers of the books so far- there are more coming in the future- stayed tuned as I’ll  update you on the series as the books are released- here’s hoping for a long run.

Full Moon


Tonight is the First full moon of the year.  Also known as the wolf moon- the largest and brightest of the year.  Old Indian Traditional name.  It is raining like crazy here and so I can’t get a picture of it.  I love the look of a full moon.  I know my friends that write paranormals are also in love with a full moon. Sayde Grace and Cynthia Eden like werewolves and I am sure some of  their fictional characters are roaming the hinterlands tonight.  I am sure they smell like wet dogs-  Not Sayde and Cindy-rather, their were-characters!    

In the absence of a picture from my yard- here’s one I lifted from Google images.