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Saturday mornings


I love Saturday mornings.  I get the luxury of lounging about for a while.  Not something that happens a lot in my life.  I usually take the time to do five crossword puzzles, read the horoscope, finish my post for my group blog if I haven’t already done it and saved it, and then its time for the shower.  As I write this, I am still in my robe and it is 8:45 a.m.    Nice, leisurely morning. 

Things will change, though as I have to run lots of errands today.  And I am close to finishing the first draft of my latest manuscript and while I’m excited about that and plan to get it done today if at all possible, I then have the dreaded edits to work on.  Hate that part.  Alas, must head to the shower.



Updated my website tonight and it took forever. I’m sure no one reads it just like no one reads my blog here, but since I had not updated that sucker since August, I decided to do so. I really need to be working on my WIP but this was something that needed doing as well.