I have been debating for some time the pros and cons of trying to get published in the romance genre.   I have decided that it really is not a goal of mine at this time.   I adore writing but all the joy is being sucked out of it by the quest to publish.   I miss writing for the sheer escapism of it.  I can’t even bring myself to work on the pitches I need to do if I am going to pitch my manuscripts at the Silken Sands conference.   I have not relinquished my slots as yet but am considering it.   I think I will be  happier with keeping my stories for me and my friends that want to read them. 

I have had short stories published and I think that is all the validation I need right now.  I know I can write a good story. 

 The act of trying to get an agent to consider your work seems to me to be a backwards process.  They work for the writer, so why does the writer have to audition?  I am a lawyer and I work for my clients.  Some of them, I don’t like but I work for them anyway.  They are paying ME.  Not me paying them.  It seems like the agents think the client is the one that has to prove herself.  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  When I hear friends tell me that they have made a sale and NOW an agent wants to represent them, it seems so wrong- the sale is made based on the writing and the agent wants to collect her/her percentage for not selling the book.   Screwy system in my opinion.  AND no,  have not been rejected by an agent.   I’ve not even queried one.  Just making commentary on a strange system.  

Anyway, I think I’m out.   I want to write for joy,  not publication.

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