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Crazy Day


Today, Tropical storm Isaac is supposed to make land fall. We are home since we don’t want to be caught out in it even though we are only getting the outer part of the storm. It’s crazy though because it’s not your typical tropical storm. We are having the dark, rainy, windy bands of bad weather but then, miraculously, we are then having nice, beautiful blue skies and sun as well. It seems to be a bi-polar storm. Let’s hope the bad bands stay few and far between.

Here’s hoping all my friends to the west of me stay safe and keep their power!!

Rainy Days


Surprisingly, being a resident of the Sunshine State, I do love a rainy day. Of course, in the summer time, we have afternoon thunderstorms almost every day. I am not a person who likes to be out in the rain running errands or getting in and out of the car (Why is it that getting the umbrella into the vehicle always makes me wetter than if I didn’t have one at all?).

On rainy days, I want to be inside watching the rivulets of water stream down the window pane and listening to the drops patter on the roof. Very soothing and relaxing. Deluges can stay away though since they mess with the satellite dish!

What a Week!


My son graduated from high school on Monday and that was wonderful. My other son is in the US for two weeks and even though I won’t get to see him until Monday, the 11th, just knowing he’s on the same side of the Atlantic Ocean as me makes me happy. The kid that graduated made a mad dash down to Orlando the day after the ceremony to see Bon Iver in concert. His first trip with just him and a buddy and it went very well.

Tomorrow, we have family both from my husband’s side and my own extended family from north Alabama as well as friends descending on our house for a pool party and BBQ in honor of the graduate. Sadly, his brother won’t be able to make it. I hate that he’s not going to get to see some of his family he hasn’t seen in a long time but he’s spending one week of his time in the US at his future in-laws’ house.

I’m a bit fretful since I haven’t cooked a thing since I ordered all the food, but what if they forget? EEP. Lots of people and no food will be a disaster. And oh yeah, that prediction about rain all day? Yeah, that. Well, I’m fretting a mite about that, too. A pool party in the rain is not good. As my dad always says, “Someone might get wet.”

Lazy Saturday


Can’t get motivated this lazy Saturday to do much of anything.  My leg still hurts from whatever I did to it and I  have to keep moving or I hurt so much, I can’t stand it. So, I have putzed around all day. 

Am enjoying the rain because the spouse can’t be outside running all kinds of machinery.  He has gone to Home Depot and Garden Center to get stuff for the yard so I know as soon as the water quits falling from the sky, the vrmmm, vrmmm, vrmmm will start again. So, I’m soaking up (pun intended)the quiet before the after the storm!  Could you follow that?

Full Moon


Tonight is the First full moon of the year.  Also known as the wolf moon- the largest and brightest of the year.  Old Indian Traditional name.  It is raining like crazy here and so I can’t get a picture of it.  I love the look of a full moon.  I know my friends that write paranormals are also in love with a full moon. Sayde Grace and Cynthia Eden like werewolves and I am sure some of  their fictional characters are roaming the hinterlands tonight.  I am sure they smell like wet dogs-  Not Sayde and Cindy-rather, their were-characters!    

In the absence of a picture from my yard- here’s one I lifted from Google images.