Daily Archives: January 7, 2010



Those of you who know me know I claim some psychic ability.  See, I  can predict things on occasion.  Can’t contol it.  It just happens – a lot of the time, it has to do with someone having a medical issue but sometimes, its just strange how I can have a thought or mention something and things happen.  My sister used to say I channeled things in the air through my fillings. 

One of my friends and I plan to go to Psychic boot camp soon in New Orleans to see if we can learn to channel our gifts.   Lois is a ghost magnet.  She has been on ghost hunts and has caught come great EVPs and photos.   So, should be fun. 

Anyway, I say this as I am listening to Accuradio here at work.  We just had a conversation about the sexiest songs on Earth and my comment was  what about Me and Mrs Jones?    I think it is drop dead sexy.  So, what did Accuradio play the very next song????  You guessed it.   Freak me out!