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The First Time I Started Using a Computer


my first computer

I first got a computer for my work as a lawyer in the 1980s when MS DOS was the program everyone used. I used it basically for word processing. We also used it for accounting. Little did I imagine that one day a majority of all the court filings in my area would be computerized and the whole world was going to change. I never took typing in school as I always planned to be a lawyer and have a secretary. Poor, naive me. I had no clue of the learning still to be done!

I first got a home computer in late 1996 when prodigy was the main portal to the internet. I dipped my toe in and started emailing and using message boards. I still find myself looking at the keyboard to find letters all the time. I’m able to use more than 2 fingers now but it took a long time to get proficient with it.

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Is a new disease my doctor friend has given as my diagnosis.  It seems that it is incurable and only palliative care is available.   The symptoms are screwing up every piece of electronic equipment you own.  I have killed several computers lately and my e-reader had to be returned to the store because it wouldn’t work.  Cell phones and Ipods are also at risk from my touch.  Can  it be my magnetic personality?  Should I be wearing latex gloves as I type this?

AND yes, before I get some smart a** remark about what the Urban Dictionary says someone with Techitis is, I DID look it up and I categorically deny any association with that school!

A couple of rough days


Have a lemon computer.  It is less than a year old and has caused me grief off and on for the past year.  The last two days have been awful.  REALLY awful.  Can’t get anything done,  And I mean nothing!   I can’t even write on it as the word processing program is screwed up.  As I type, it hesitates.  I’m not a real adept typist anyway so I have to keep going back and fixing the errors that I’m making as it stutters. 

To top it off, I had to travel today for work. The trip itself was eventless but the hotel decided to hide and I had to hunt for it for almost 2 hours.  I was almost tempted to drive til I ran out of gas and then hope for the police to let me sleep at the jail.  I called the hotel for directions as the ones I had were not taking me there.  So, the dude gives me directions and I ended up in the area of town where the only lights were neon.  Pink neon and they said “girls, girls, girls”  –  a bit out of my element there.  So, hysteria set in,   Not a good few days,  nope, not at all.

Crawling towards 50,000


So, I was speeding along great guns toward my 50,000 words for NaNo and after I got to 40,000, I have slowed to a crawl.  I still have great stuff in my head to put down but the back hurts and the arm hurts.  I am working too hard at the real job- on the computer all day with that so,  in the evening, I just can’t seem to get going.  I have averaged less than 1,000 a night since my big sprint on Sunday.  I still have time but I hate to watch that y axis crawl up so slowly.