A couple of rough days


Have a lemon computer.  It is less than a year old and has caused me grief off and on for the past year.  The last two days have been awful.  REALLY awful.  Can’t get anything done,  And I mean nothing!   I can’t even write on it as the word processing program is screwed up.  As I type, it hesitates.  I’m not a real adept typist anyway so I have to keep going back and fixing the errors that I’m making as it stutters. 

To top it off, I had to travel today for work. The trip itself was eventless but the hotel decided to hide and I had to hunt for it for almost 2 hours.  I was almost tempted to drive til I ran out of gas and then hope for the police to let me sleep at the jail.  I called the hotel for directions as the ones I had were not taking me there.  So, the dude gives me directions and I ended up in the area of town where the only lights were neon.  Pink neon and they said “girls, girls, girls”  –  a bit out of my element there.  So, hysteria set in,   Not a good few days,  nope, not at all.

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