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The Transporter- Lemon Cookies



The smell of lemon cookies baking transports me back in time to when I was a little girl and being in my grandmother’s house. She baked the best ever lemon cookies. I loved them- they were so soft on the inside and yummy with just the right amount of tang to set your mouth alight.

She passed away when I was fifteen and I still miss her to this day. Not a week goes by without me thinking of her. The closest I’ve ever gotten to those cookies again (and believe me, I’ve tried some recipes) was when I bought some lemon flavored Grandma’s Cookies. As soon as I opened the pouch, I was back in the late
60’s-early 70’s. The taste even lived up to my memories.

Sadly, I usually only see the other flavors like chocolate chip and peanut butter when I find Grandma’s Cookies. I need a supplier to stock the lemon ones near me

Rainy Days


Surprisingly, being a resident of the Sunshine State, I do love a rainy day. Of course, in the summer time, we have afternoon thunderstorms almost every day. I am not a person who likes to be out in the rain running errands or getting in and out of the car (Why is it that getting the umbrella into the vehicle always makes me wetter than if I didn’t have one at all?).

On rainy days, I want to be inside watching the rivulets of water stream down the window pane and listening to the drops patter on the roof. Very soothing and relaxing. Deluges can stay away though since they mess with the satellite dish!

Four Things I Love About My Country



Four things I love about my country is easy for me.
1. This one encompasses a lot. I love that we have the freedoms that we do. All kinds of freedoms exist in the bill of rights and I’m optimistic that we won’t stand by and let them be eroded.
2. I love that we can travel from one end of this great country to the other and find all kinds of diversity, both in population and in scenery and majesty.
3. I love our mountains, coasts, monuments and even the kitsch that can be found in lots of small towns and the countryside.
4. I love the ability to be whatever we want to be. No automatic rules about the kind of work we can do or whether we get an education or not.

The opportunities in this country are limitless and we are truly blessed to be Americans.

Summer Foods!


Summer foods are a lot of fun and I’m not sure I can pick a favorite. I mean, really, there are so many choices like bbq ribs, cantaloupe, pineapples, fresh peas, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, and corn on the cab. Ahh, corn on the cob. Such a nice treat- messy but good.

I think I like the casualness of meals on a summer weekend day. Hanging out at the grill with a cold drink and yummy smells from the charcoal burner. What could be better? Maybe some homemade ice cream. Or Orange Crush sherbet. YEAH!!

It Really is the Greatest


I could listen to Donovan Leitch’s greatest hits over and over. In fact. I do. I have the album downloaded on my computer and listen all the time as I work. I love him so much, I even used him as inspiration for the heroine’s father in SOLO HONEYMOON, my debut novel written under my pen name.

I’m so glad Donovan finally got his due and was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. He’e been around for a long time and served as inspiration for many newer musicians who were inducted before him.

On Driving


I am not a fan of driving. I do not like to drvie, Sam I am. Not in a tunnel, not on a highway, not on a dirt road and not on a bridge. I would be happy never to drive again if I could help it.

That being said, I do enjoy the convertible life. I like the wind in my hair and the sun on my head. So, give me a nice day when I can have the top down and I may just try those green eggs and ham, Sam I am.

A New Hobby


I’d like to learn how to make chocolate shapes. I love to watch those shows where the pastry chefs compete to make the best sculptures out of various candies and chocolates. They look so gorgeous, I’d like to make some of them. Sadly, I’m not a patient person and I know I’d make a right awful mess of it. AND then, there’s always the side effect of wanting to eat the materials.

Top Five Foreign Films



Since listing my all time top 5 films is an impossible task for me since I’m very much into films and have lots of favorites, I’m going to alter the prompt a mite bit and name my top five foreign films instead.

1. First and Foremost, if you have never watched a foreign film (and by that, I mean one not in English) I recommend you start with this one. My number one choice. It’s exciting and the story is complex and well done. The movie? BLACK BOOK. It is sooo good. I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s about a Jewish girl who works for the Dutch resistance in WWII. She becomes involved with a Nazi officer. It’s such a powerful story.

2. BREAD AND TULIPS is another good foreign language film. It’s light fare compared to #1 above. It’s a romance and a lot of it takes place in Venice, Italy, a place I love.

3. WALK ON WATER is a story about a member of Mossad (a very handsome Lior Ashkenazi) who is assigned to a misson whereby he must get close to the grandchildren of a Nazi war crminal. This is a lovely story and is pretty light fare as well. It’s a drama, but it’s not as dark as BLACK BOOK.

4. ARMY OF SHADOWS is another dark one about WWII. It is another resistance group movie. It seems like a lot of the foreign films use that era as their setting and story base. I guess it’s because so much happened during that turbulent time in history. This one has Jean-Pierre Cassel, the very handsome father of Vincent Cassel, in it. This is a tragic film, so be ready to have your heart hurt with this one.

5. Another foreign film with a lot of drama is THE THIRD MAN. This one is set in Vienna, Austria and is a cold war film. It has Joesph Cotten and Orson Welles in it. This one is also dark, but that’s the beauty in this one. The director captured the dark tone quite well with the shots of the city at night. The city of Vienna is almost another character in the movie.

So, check some of these out sometime. It’s fun when the film itself is so excitng that you forget you’re reading the words. One word of caution, though, don’t watch HIROSHIMA, MY LOVE if you want action and fast pace.

Seeking Inspiration


When I need inspiration, I watch movies. I love all kinds including foreign films. I watch not only for the plot, but for the pacing, the dialogue and the scenery. Any one of those things can be the impetus for some new inspiration for me. Sometimes even a character in the film may trigger an idea. I love cinema- of any era.

And then, there is always these two guys:

Someone I Admire



Someone I admire is my friend, Margo. She has a lot on her plate but she seems to always pick herself up and keep moving past that stuff. She’s an inspiration because she never lets herself be held down too long. She’s an optimist and always believes things will get better- and they eventually do.

She’s a romantic and I love that about her. I tend to see the gritty reality too often and have a lot of cynicism and her belief in the absolute goodness of people is a trait I wish I had.