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The Transporter- Lemon Cookies



The smell of lemon cookies baking transports me back in time to when I was a little girl and being in my grandmother’s house. She baked the best ever lemon cookies. I loved them- they were so soft on the inside and yummy with just the right amount of tang to set your mouth alight.

She passed away when I was fifteen and I still miss her to this day. Not a week goes by without me thinking of her. The closest I’ve ever gotten to those cookies again (and believe me, I’ve tried some recipes) was when I bought some lemon flavored Grandma’s Cookies. As soon as I opened the pouch, I was back in the late
60’s-early 70’s. The taste even lived up to my memories.

Sadly, I usually only see the other flavors like chocolate chip and peanut butter when I find Grandma’s Cookies. I need a supplier to stock the lemon ones near me

My Favorite Cookie


Peanut butter cookies

This is the easiest question EVAH! LOL! I adore peanut butter cookies. There’s nothing to compare with them. From the time I was a kid in elementary school, I looked forward to peanut butter cookie day. They’re not only tasty, these days they evoke memories of a time when my bicycle and my best friend were the most pressing matters I had to deal with. Oh, for the days of youth! Why are children always in a hurry to be adults? If we only knew that the days of peanut butter cookies in a school cafeteria were so fleeting, would we treasure them more than we did?

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