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Four Things I Love About My Country



Four things I love about my country is easy for me.
1. This one encompasses a lot. I love that we have the freedoms that we do. All kinds of freedoms exist in the bill of rights and I’m optimistic that we won’t stand by and let them be eroded.
2. I love that we can travel from one end of this great country to the other and find all kinds of diversity, both in population and in scenery and majesty.
3. I love our mountains, coasts, monuments and even the kitsch that can be found in lots of small towns and the countryside.
4. I love the ability to be whatever we want to be. No automatic rules about the kind of work we can do or whether we get an education or not.

The opportunities in this country are limitless and we are truly blessed to be Americans.

Life is Short


and you never know when it’ll end.  One of my former clients who always had a great story to tell and who I planned to use as a source for some of my fiction, has died. Quite unexpectedly.  He was a former Navy Seal and motorcyclist. He  had a patch on his on his jacket that said, “psycho bitch magnet”  and it was true. He seemed to attract the wrong women. Now he’ll never  have a chance to find the right one.

  He was hit from behind as he turned into his neighborhood on Monday.  By a guy in a SUV.  He was taken to the hospital by helicopter. They put him in a medically induced coma  and he never regained consciousness.  He passed away at 3:45 this morning.  My world is a  little less bright today.

Amazing stories of  his days in the jungles and hot spots of the world died with him.  It’s ironic and very sad that what guns and enemies of the United States couldn’t do was done by a careless old man driving his car and following a motorcyclist too closely-  Brought down on a city street, in his own neighborhood. 

K.M., you will  be missed.

As AMERICAN as they come


My ancestors arrived on these shores in 1690.  My Great Grandfather, 5 generations back, fought for this country’s independence. He almost died in the cold of Valley Forge.  Was on sick leave and didn’t get paid for a couple of months.  I am so proud to be American and I’m grateful that Thomas Gresham, my relative, picked the right side.  That he was a rebel.  I sincerely hope that if I had to make a choice to fight and perhaps die for what I think is right, I would follow in the footsteps of Thomas. 

Thanks to all who have sacrified their lives in the name of fighting oppression, from whatever source.  I admire that. 

Happy Independence Day, USA