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A New Hobby


I’d like to learn how to make chocolate shapes. I love to watch those shows where the pastry chefs compete to make the best sculptures out of various candies and chocolates. They look so gorgeous, I’d like to make some of them. Sadly, I’m not a patient person and I know I’d make a right awful mess of it. AND then, there’s always the side effect of wanting to eat the materials.

A Box of Chocolates- No, Not That Kind of Turtle!


Our NeigHboRs PeT TurtLe

The best thing to find inside a chocolate is some type of nougat and nuts. My absolute favorite is caramel and pecans- a turtle– After that, walnuts with nougat. Can anyone resist a chocolate covered cherry? Nope, didn't think so.

Now, the fastest one I'll spit out is one with coconut inside. Not a fan of chocolate with coconut. At all. I like chocolate and I like coconut but do not cross the line and combine them. I also don't like the ones with that icky jelly like substance in them.

Call me nuts, but give me nuts- every time!

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I got a recommendation to visit one of these places in  NYC.  They are cupcake shops.  Check  it out:

I got chocolate and #2 son got vanilla. Spouse got the brownie.  None of were overjoyed. The cakes were kind of dry.  It was 8 pm when we got them and I didn’t eat mine til the next day. Maybe that was the issue. Don’t know because the person that recommended it is a Manhattanite and she said they were delicious.