Duh Moment


I’m up to 40,000 words in NaNoWriMo.  As I moved my story along from the Atlantic Ocean to Chicago, I realized I’d  have to change a big part of it.  My characters have been singing in bars.  Well, today it dawned on my feeble brain that DUH!  Once I got them to the USA, I had a problem.  BIG one.  PROHIBITION!   Started in 1919.   So, now we have to move to a speakeasy.  Then the whole gangster thing came to mind.  This story keeps going off in all kinds of crazy directions.  I mean, who knew my male main character was going to write a suicide letter yesterday?   Good thing I have all this crazy trivia hidden in my psyche-  I’m glad it came to the fore today and not too late.  That’s one reason I hesitated to do a historical.  I love history but I’m paranoid about getting a detail wrong.  Maybe my brain can keep me on target.  MAYBE!

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