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It’s a dilemma when you read a book by someone you like and want to do a review for but there was actually more you didn’t like in the story than you did. I’ve recently had this experience again and I did leave the review but it’s very short and incomplete since i didn’t want to hurt this person’s feelings. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that not all books will appeal to every person and I also know that there are probably some of my stories that people don’t like but I still don’t want to say things that would cause someone angst about their work.

This book I read had a great story premise but I didn’t like the heroine. She was one of those that did some really dumb things and seemed weak. I have a real hang-up about heroines like that. I actually think it’s because I’m strong myself and have zero patience for reading about someone who isn’t.

One of the other issues with the story, I blame on the editor. One of the big reasons for editors is for them to find repetitive words and/or phrases that the writer uses. I always, always have what I call a crutch word in each of my stories (and they are usually different for each one). I try to catch them myself but sometimes I don’t. This book I just read had a crutch phrase and it was used 25 times in a story that was less than 200 pages long. It started to feel like I was being bopped in the head with it. I even at one time said out loud, “Okay, I get it.”

So, what do you do if asked to do a review and there’s not much to say?



got to 13,697 today on my NaNoWriMo novel. It’s a romantic suspense called Obsession. I had a hard time getting a handle on my female protagonist until I changed her name. Once I got the right name for her, she came together in my head much easier. This happened on another story, too.

It’s funny how my writing process works. I get the hero first. Always. His name and his back story come easy to me. Wonder why the women are so much harder for me? Guess it’s like real life. I have  male friends and female friends and the male ones are much easier to get a handle on. Simpler needs, I guess.  Life imitates art? I think so.

Hero v. Antihero


Wrote some more on my new story last night, Surfer Bride.  I use the ywriter  software-  Not to actually write in but to set up my characters, locations, etc.   After I type the day’s work in my regular word processing program, I cut and paste into the chapters and scenes in the ywriter.  This   program keeps your daily word count, your goal word count. how many more words a day you have to type to get to the goal AND it tells you how many times you’ve used a word.  I highly recommend it.  AND the best part is that is is FREE!  Check it out      http://www.spacejock.com/yWriter5.html      Remember, though, write in your word processing program and then cut and paste- then you have 2 copies in case one goes wonky on you. 

Here are pictures of  the inspiration my hero and anti hero for this story-  Which will be the groom?  A choice of Marks- hmmmmm?

The Hero in my story


has taken a real turn that surprised me.  His newest exploit came to me in the car on the way home and I actully had to tell him that he was a sly devil.  He has decided on a course of action that I never foresaw.   It always amazes me where the mind can go.  I only thought I knew where this story was going.  I was wrong and I have to say that Liam has pleasantly surprised me.  I know its really me surprising me but this writing adventure never dulls for me.  I guess when it does, it’ll be time to quit.

Random Thought of the Week


So, I woke up today with a really random thought/question.    We all know about the Alpha male- you know, the macho, bossy, too arrogant to care guy.  We also write about the Beta male.  The one that is caring, sensitive and treats the heroine well.  So, is there an OMEGA male?  The first two letter of the Greek Alphabet are Alpha and Beta.  The last is Omega.   So, what kind of guy is the Omega?  And will we ever see a book with him as the hero?  

So, do you see the Omega man (yes. I know there was a movie by that name) as the ultimate anti hero or as the uber-nerd??  Just askin’