So, my lap top has died


The funny thing is that I’ve been having tons of issues with the work computer and the older lap top at home was humming along just fine.    I wote 3110 words on my NaNo story on Friday night and boom, Sat morning.  the dang compter would not come on.  It has taken retirement with no notice.  No, I’ll work for 2 weeks and then draw social security. Nothing.  Just quit and walk out.  Now, is that responsible?  No.   It is just not kosher.  At all.     I sure thought the one at the office would die first.

Thank God for my Alpha Smart.  I’ve wrtten around 2800 words this morning on it.   I can sit in my comfortable chair and write, not at the desk where the non-portable machine sits.    Gotta upload the Alpha software to the desk top  and load what I wrote today to this computer.  Because I have learned, the hard way, I’m afraid. to have more than one copy of the story somewhere.  If 2 is good, 4 is better.   anna  Enjoy this photo from Provance, France- isn’t it lovely?  It was taken by Anna Bowkis on her vacation there.

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