Stamp set


Have had a frustrating morning.  Going to go scrapbook today and I can’t find the stamp set I want to use in the book I’m making about my trip to the Mexican Riviera.  Have wasted over an hour looking for that sucker-  it can’t even be in the building – if it was, I’d have found it.  So.  I COULD have been writing or something productive while I waited for time to go to the crop- but no, I wasted the morning.  AND now I have to use another set and I’m not happy but like I tell my kids,  “Life is tough and then you die.”  So, I need to take my own advice and get over it.

NaNo update:  I’m within 400 words of 35,000.00   So, only 15,000 to go- I’m over 2/3 done!  Go me!

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