Random Thought of the Week


So, I woke up today with a really random thought/question.    We all know about the Alpha male- you know, the macho, bossy, too arrogant to care guy.  We also write about the Beta male.  The one that is caring, sensitive and treats the heroine well.  So, is there an OMEGA male?  The first two letter of the Greek Alphabet are Alpha and Beta.  The last is Omega.   So, what kind of guy is the Omega?  And will we ever see a book with him as the hero?  

So, do you see the Omega man (yes. I know there was a movie by that name) as the ultimate anti hero or as the uber-nerd??  Just askin’

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  1. I think I am seeing him as the Ultimate. The be all to end all so to speak. He’s got everything. What an interesting thought. I’m going to be pondering this one now. I have a Beta in my first story and an Alpha in my second. I’m kind of picturing the Omega as a combination. Not picturing Charlton Heston at all though. I love Random thoughts. Thanks for sharing it.

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