Daily Archives: November 2, 2009



NaNoWriMo started yesterday.  I wrote 2899 words.  One question I was asked was why I didn’t write one more word to make it an even 2900.   Well, I didn’t because I have issues with doing things randomly and I thought leaving off at an odd number would take me out of my comfort zone.   And it did.  My NaNoWriMo story is partially set on the RMS Mauretania, a Cunard ship that sailed the Atlantic in the early 20th Century.  Here is a picture of the ship:  300px-RMS_MauretaniaRomance on the high seas.  Should be fun.  One quote I plan to use is “I don’t know why they call them swells.  They aren’t swell.  They’re awful.”    I will have to update this post with the guy’s name as I can’t recall it just now.   I try to head my chapters with quotes and this one is reserved for the bad day at sea my characters are going to face.

EDITED to add:  wrote at lunch and got 1501 more words done- so, there goes the random-  now I have an even 4400.  Stupid one word!

EDITED TO ADD QUOTE ATTRIBITION:  Here is the real quote with author: 

“I don’t know why they named them swells. There is nothing swell about them. They should have named them awfuls. Hugo Vihlen (American sailor 1932- )