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Happy St. Pat’s Day Weekend


Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I’m planning to watch one of my all time favorite Irish movies, Michael Collins. That man was truly what I would call one of my bad boys. He was strong, full of conviction and even though he was hated by the British, he did what he needed to do to stand up for what he believed even to the point of dying for those beliefs. This movie somewhat romanticizes what happened in the fight for Irish independence but it’s a good film. I love the way the cast relates to each other and the scenery and cinematography are superb. It doesn’t hurt that Alan Rickman, Aiden Quinn and Liam Neeson are easy on the eyes, too. Enjoy the day, drink a toast to your favorite Irishman and watch a flick.

“Unknown”- A Movie Review


For the first time in a while, there was actually a movie I wanted to see out in theatres. I went today to see Unknown.  Liam Neeson is the star, and as usual, he’s his normal kick-butt self.  There were two women in the film. One was January Jones and she played his wife. The other was Diane Kruger, the woman that helps him when he’s being pursued. I much preferred the performance of Diane Kruger. She did a great job with a hard to play role. I think it was hard to play as the character was full of implausibilites. Some of the stuff she was asked to do would have never been done by a woman in her position.  A lot of this film stretched credulity. But it was a fun ride for two hours.

I loved that Aiden Quinn was in this film. I very much enjoy the film Michael Collins where Liam and Aiden play best friends and rivals for the love of Kitty.  It was fun to see them together again.  And it was also great to see Sebastian Koch in this film. One of my favorite foreign language films of all time has him in it. It’s called Black Book.  He’s an excellent actor. He plays the scientist, Professor Bressler.

For an afternoon of mindless entertainment, I say check this one out- it’s a wild romp.  AND if you’re so inclined, rent Black Book– an excellent, excellent choice.

“I Love it When a Plan Comes Together”


The title to this blog post was  my favorite line from the television series, The A Team. I adored that show. It was always a lot of fun and George Peppard was completely cool under pressure.  The whole premise of the show was fun- the way the story lines allowed for reality to be suspended was a great escape. Some people thought the original series was cheesy but I really, really had a thing for Hannibal.  I guess I was in the minority because most of my girlfriends were all about Face. He was cute but he couldn’t compete with Hannibal in my book.

I finally got the time to go see the new  The A Team on the 4th of July. What better way to spend the day than dinner with the parents and then a movie about Federal fugitives?  I really enjoyed this movie. It was a lot of fun and I found myself grinning through the whole thing.  It was over the top.  Liam Neeson was great as Hannibal and the other actors were amazing, too. This movie stayed true to the spirit of the series. The bad guys were uber-bad. The good guys were very, very good and very, very sexy.  All in all, I recommend this one for laughs and escapism.  Just like the original show. A great escape.  Literally and figuratively.

I hope they have a “plan to come together” again. I’ll be there.