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Happy St. Pat’s Day Weekend


Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I’m planning to watch one of my all time favorite Irish movies, Michael Collins. That man was truly what I would call one of my bad boys. He was strong, full of conviction and even though he was hated by the British, he did what he needed to do to stand up for what he believed even to the point of dying for those beliefs. This movie somewhat romanticizes what happened in the fight for Irish independence but it’s a good film. I love the way the cast relates to each other and the scenery and cinematography are superb. It doesn’t hurt that Alan Rickman, Aiden Quinn and Liam Neeson are easy on the eyes, too. Enjoy the day, drink a toast to your favorite Irishman and watch a flick.

Checking In


Have been ignoring this little blog again. Sorry. So much going on. I’m about to fall off the planet I’m so busy. I don’t like feeling like I’m in the ocean and each time I get out from the undertow and almost catch my breath, along comes another wave to knock me down and try to drown me. Hopefully, the drama will stop soon. The really crazy thing is, all the drama is from outside sources, not me.

My frustration level is super high and it’s all I can do not to lash out at the people driving me over the edge. It’s all from a voluntary organization, too. When that crap happened in the last one I was in, I left. When it’s not fun anymore, I pack my bags. As of today, the bags are out of the attic and standing by to be loaded for my goodbye trip.