What Makes Me Cry- Then vs Now


Locker room with lonely lab coat

It's funny that as I get older the things that make me cry now are different than what made me cry as a younger person. I was always pretty tough as a kid and really only cried if I was physically hurt or super mad. When I get furious, the emotion tends to come out in tears – which makes me even madder at myself for showing weakness by crying, which makes me cry more. It's terrible.

As I have aged and now have children, I cry much easier and sometimes for strange reasons. I have been known to cry during a commercial on televsion. I cry when I read and in movies. I guess having children loosened something in my emotional make up to make it easier to let the tears flow.

I'm not a scientist or psychologist, but I think the unconditional love I have for my children may have had a good effect on me and allows me to be more open.

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