Daily Archives: August 2, 2010

The Movie That I Love and Could Watch Over and Over


A wonderful, heart moving movie

I loved this movie for the reversal of roles of the sisters, Marianne and Eleanor. Eleanor was always staid and reserved and Marianne wanted to “die for love” and was passionate about everything. By the end of the movie, Marianne, who DID almost die over love, found her happiness with a stable man that she previously thought boring but who was actually better suited to her than the one that almost ruined her.

Eleanor changed as well when she thought her love was to marry another woman. She held in her hurt over his engagement and let no one know her heart was broken. When she found out he was not married, she became very emotional and let her feelings shine through, even to the extent of bursting into tears. That was completely out of character for her.

Each sister found true love.

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