The Other Guys


Got done with the marathon editing session yesterday and started reading a book instead of writing one.  It is one written by one of my friends and I’m loving it.

Today,  after lunch with the parents, I decided to treat myself for getting the story done by going to a movie I’d been wanting to see.  I went to see The Other Guys.  I love Mark Walhberg (in all his incarnations) and Michael Keaton.  I’m not such a big Will Ferrell fan. I like some of his stuff but some of it is too goofy/weird for me. 

This movie was really fun. Totally bizarre premise but the humor was great. Mark Wahlberg was too funny in his role.  He was just laugh out loud funny.  I loved Michael Keaton as the captain with a side job at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Will Ferrell was more subdued than he normally is (except for one scene) and so I was able to enjoy his humor as well. 

And Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson’s characters jumping off the building was priceless.  Enjoyed the narration by Ice-T as well. 

I liked the end where I spotted, across the street from Nathan’s on Coney Island, the Popeye’s chicken where #2 son and I ate when we were there. I  also liked the up close view of#1 son’s favorite Frank Gehry designed building.  Those were fun glimpses of the city I love.

I recommend this one for a mindless, laughter filled, two hours.

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