That Special Book in My Life


Greek and Latin myths- read them over and over

Port of Rethymno

I could re-read Virgil’s Aeneid over and over. It is a great tale of love and loss – who could forget when Aeneas leaves Dido and she commits suicide? I took four years of Latin in school and had to translate lots of passages from this story. You might think that would make me hate it, but I didn’t. One story I DID hate in high school literature class was Beowulf. Give me ancient Latin over olde English anyday. Although that brings up Shakespeare who I DO love. Very witty man. And he had a great imagination.

I also love the Greek myths. The Iliad, The Odyssey, and the story of Jason and the Argonauts and Jason’s horrible wife Medea. I loved the story of The Minotaur and even had a pet bird when I was in law school that was named Theseus. Wanted to name a daughter after Ariadne, but alas, had sons.

There is so much going on in those tales. Great stories that inspire. Love, love, love mythology.

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