Daily Archives: July 18, 2010

Sea Cucumbers


My sister recently returned from Australia. She spent one night at the aquarium- in Sydney, I believe.  She shared her pictures with me and she had some great ones.  One in particular brought back a funny memory of my senior year in high school.  One of the advantages of living on the Gulf Coast is the great classes our schools are able to offer. I took oceanography as a senior.  Part of our class assignment was to catch some salt water sea life and maintain a salt water tank. We went seining in Pensacola Bay and caught shrimp and other sea life in our nets. Each tank had a team of four lab partners. My team consisted of me and three dumb boys.  We had the only tank in our class with a sea cucumber in it.  It was quite a fat little dude.  The boys,  in an effort to embarrass me, named the thing “Dick.”  They would laugh and poke each other, trying to get  me to react to the name, “Dick.”  In revenge, I started calling it “Richard.”  Even then, the boys couldn’t  best me! 

Here are some Aussie “Richards”: