Daily Archives: July 17, 2010

Accepted again


Got the second acceptance email of the day.  My story with the hero with the best name ever got accepted for the debut/launch issue of a new Romance magazine. First issue will come out Sept 1, 2010 and my alter ego will be a part of it. I’ve chosen to use my pen name as that  is the name I’ve chosen to use for romance work.  So, this one, called One Night in Costa Rica, will be credited as Jillian Chantal.

Halloween Story


Submitted a Halloween Story called The True Believers this week to here: http://whortleberrypress.com/   Just got the email that it’s in.  Accepted.  It was inspired by one of my favorite places, the Pensacola Lighthouse.  I recommend a visit if you get the chance.  Climb to the top and look out at the Gulf of Mexico.  Awesome.  I haven’t been to the top lately- they don’t go all the way up on the haunted tours- need to get back out there and do it.

across the access road from the lighthouse